Here it is Tuesday almost lunch time (or the second Monday of the week as Pk says) and we are adjusting to the upgrade of our technology here at work.

Yes, Knittech, we did get the upgrade installed.  No, it didn't work in all cases.  You can't install a large program like the one we use (along with Windows ofanykind) on 512 mg of memory. Yes MG of memory.  I am finally able to look at and download schedules, something that is essential in my job.  They changed the format of the schedules and I don't like it.  Part of that, if we're being honest, is that I don't like change very much (just ask my husband).  It takes more brain power to decipher things when they change, you get to do less on automatic pilot.

Partly, the change is confusing and days run into each other on the schedule which will make it difficult to file and to pull charts.  Mostly, however, it is going well.  Today seems a bit less frantic as more and more bits are integrated and people learn to deal with the changes.  When we finish the hardware upgrade and everyone gets new computers then things will improve.  In theory. (My computer still won't let me plug my mp3 player into it to charge.  It doesn't play well with others).

Olivia, I always fall asleep within the first ten to twenty minutes of listening to a book when I go to bed.  I have to wake up and "rewind" (now there's a term that will become extinct, just like "broken record") to where I fell asleep.  I also have to make sure I'm not listening to something exciting, like a mystery, or I'll stay awake and listen for a long time.  I have music on there, too and can listen to something soothing if I'm having trouble falling asleep. 

Last night, I woke up about 3 am after having some horrible nightmare.  I was too scared to get out of bed and go to the bathroom.  I couldn't fall back to sleep and am paying the price today (tired and headachy). Usually, I can reach over and cuddle next to Pk and that soothes me but not this time.  I don't know what I was dreaming, probably better that way.

I have just a few hours left in the day and I am so glad.  I am out of sorts, probably from the dream, and not concentrating well.  I'm going to eat my yoghurt and animal crackers and drink my tea and head off to clinic.  Fortunately, the doctor wants to leave early so I won't have to be here late.

I hope you are all having smooth days where you are!  And that there's no sleet/snow/rain in your forecast for tomorrow.  My poor bulbs will be covered in frozen precipitation. Good thing they're hardy.


Roxie said…
Bless your dear heart! I am sending an amazon angel with a shotgun and a flamethrower to watch over your dreams tonight. Sleep in peace. said…
when I have middle of the night nightmares like that, I can be too afraid to get out of bed too. So I'll sit up and turn the light on for a bit, just to remember reality.
Amy Lane said…
*sigh* My bulbs are mush-- I know it! And I hate bad dreams-- when I wake up like that, I just lay there with my teeth chattering until morning breaks...

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