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Is it hot enough for ya?  I'm already tired of hearing that and it's only been a few days of our first "official heat wave" of the summer (don't let them fool you, summer doesn't start around here for another 3 weeks).  It has been hot and we're not acclimated yet so people are suffering.  We are being stalwart and not installing the a/c even though the temps are in the 90's (32C) and the humidity is high.  We do however have fans blowing at us so as long as we don't move around too much, it's ok.  So, twist my arm really hard and make me sit still and knit.

We took an impromptu picnic Friday night to escape the heat.  Just tuna sandwiches and mac salad and some strawberries.  It was lovely.  I finished a pair of socks and gave them to Pk when he admired them.   They're Felicity in the Goth color by knitpicks.  El calls it the "bribe yarn" since she bought it for me when she asked me to make her a pair if socks.  It's really n…
Good Friday Morning!  The sun has been out for the last few days and you can see the difference in people's moods.  I can feel the difference in mine. Sunshine is natural seratonin!
It's Memorial Day weekend here.  It means a long weekend for most people and a lot of people head down to the beach for the day or the weekend.  It's supposed to be a sunny, hot weekend so the beaches should be crowded.
We avoid the shore on holiday weekends.  It's so crowded and the traffic is unbearable.  We have no plans for the weekend other than to try to have a picnic by the river on Sunday.  Em and Pk are spending Saturday together just hanging out.  I'll get the laundry and stuff done early so I can spend the weekend working on my kal shawl.  We're going to a wedding in June and I'd like to wear it but I'm afraid I won't get it done in time.  It's growing with each row so it takes longer (and we all know how fast I knit!).  But I live in hope.
Our weather has go…
Mikey Wild died this morning.   

I knew it was a matter of days.  They moved him into a hospice over the weekend and his mom said he was just hanging on.

"He fought so hard."  His mom is amazing.  She's supportive and loving and felt like she was "chosen" to raise someone special like Mike. 

 I called her this afternoon to express my sorrow and offer any help I could.  We had a good laugh as we remembered her stubborn, goofy, lovable, totally wonderful son.  I felt so priviledged to have known him for 17years.  I thought I'd share this video with you.  This is pure Mikey.  And this song keeps running through my head,

"If you believe in forever,
then life is just a one night stand.
If there's a rock and roll heaven,
then you know they've got a helluva band"
(righteous brothers)

Except that I'd change it to Punk Heaven 'cause that's where Mikey is now.  He loved music, art (I have an original Mikey Wild hanging on my office wal…
Well, since I'm here, writing, the world has not ended.  I did try to call my client on Sunday morning after Pk and I had breakfast but she didn't answer.  This is not unusual.  She often doesn't answer the phone.  I'll keep trying when I get back to work this week.

The words for this weekend were things like, re-do, re-trench, re-plan. 

We'll start with Friday.  Pk made it through the colonoscopy.  Afterward, he admitted that the worst part was drinking the aptly named drink (Moviprep).  He was hungry by Friday afternoon since his procedure wasn't until 1:30 and he hadn't eaten anything since breakfast since Thursday morning.  I bought him popsicles and he had juice and flavored waters but nothing solid.  The doctor reported nothing unusual and he thought it all looked good.  I once again wondered how and why someone decides that they want to perform colonoscopys for a living.  Not for me.

Saturday we were planning to go shopping and do the usual stuff but…
Working in a mental health center, we have been inundated with people talking about the coming end of the world.  I would never make fun or light of someone else's beliefs so it's been a challenge to have meaningful dialogue.  My real concern is for a woman whom I admire who had pulled herself up from a homeless/on the street existence to a good life with children and a grandchild.  She wants to kill herself because she doesn't want to see the end of the world.  I asked her to just not do anything rash until after the 21st.  I promised to call her on Sunday morning to check in on her and her family.  She said, "you believe we'll be around on Sunday?" and I said "Yep.  I believe we'll be around.  And if it's truly the rapture, I believe you're one of the truly good people". 

Well, you could have knocked her over with a feather.  "I'm a good person?"  So, we had a discussion the upshot being that she agreed to hold off on an…
Well, it's been a week and I have no idea where the time went.  We've not been too busy but life, as usual, marches forward at a quick pace.

Last week, I was anticipating the start of our Fiber Craft group.  In preparation for that, I made another trip to the craft store to get 2 different needlepoint kits because one of my clients told me she would like to learn.  I got kits that came with everything and have printed canvases so it would be easy.  She didn't show up.  It's a good thing I like needlepoint once in a while.

We had crochet materials and knitting materials and were prepared to talk embroidery and needlepoint and sewing and any other fiber related craft (except maybe latchhooking.  It's been so long, I forget how to do it).  And two people showed up.  I don't know why I allowed my expectations to get so high.  Maybe because a number of people came up to me and said they were coming.  After the initial disappointment, we sat and I taught someone to d…
"All things appear and disappear because of the concurrence of causes and conditions. Nothing ever exists entirely alone; everything is in relation to everything else."

~The Buddha

You know I like these things that come in my email.  I don't always agree with them and some don't resonate at all.  And sometimes my mind makes weird, random connections.  Like today.

Today (Pk's last day of class) I was on the train.  By the time we got to the third stop, the seats were all full.  There were still 4 stops to go on the Jersey side of the river and it was getting full.  I don't know why people insist on crowding near the doors, but they do.  It makes it difficult for new people to get on and find a place to stand and it makes it almost impossible for people to get off.

This morning, the aisles filled up and the doorways looked like a subway in New York City at rushhour.  It's not normally like that this early in the morning.  The first stop over the bridge is …
You never know when you get out of bed, what the day will bring when you live in our house.  For example. Today is Saturday.  You know, chore day.  On the schedule was laundry, shopping, house cleaning.  The usual.

There's that word WAS.  I was awakened by one of my neighbors and his whiny lawn equipment at 8:10 in the morning.  On a Saturday.  This was just wrong.  It was a glorious morning but I was allowing myself to sleep in just a little.
Then I remembered that today was Maryland Sheep and Wool.  I had a brief thought that it might be fun to go.  I mentioned it to Peter Kevin who said, "let's go".  I called Kate but she had to work.  I called Em but she had plans she couldn't change.
So, we set off, just the two of us, on an adventure.  Most of our best adventures start out this way.  Someone says "let's" and the other one says "ok".  I thought I'd share our day in photos.

First thing to note, You can take a photo almost anywhere alon…
Here we are at another Friday morning.  I am sitting at my desk with a pile of charts next to me almost 2 feet high.  They all need attention.  I also have about 18 treatment plans to write and really should get them done today since they were due in April.  I'm not usually behind in these but last month was a little rough and I let a few things slide.  I'll rectify that today.  Probably.  Hopefully.  I'm wearing my pink sneakers so anything is possible.  Maybe I'll be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. (or tall piles of charts!) 
Peter Kevin and I are planning to have Date Night tonight.  Dinner and a movie.  We're thinking about seeing Thor since it promises not to be intellectually challenging.  I like Date Night.  We spend a lot of time on the weekends making sure the things that need to get done actually do get done but we need to spend some time just being together and having some fun. 
When we had our Health and Wellness fair two weeks ago, I had …
Happy Star Wars Day!

May the Fourth be with you.  Always.
It's late Sunday afternoon here.  It was an unexpectedly lovely weekend.  The sun was out most of the time and the sound of lawnmowers and edgers and string trimmers was evident up and down our street.  Today, all of the front lawns look well manicured.  Even ours, which due to our lack of chemical assistance contains mostly weeds and crabgrass.  It's all green from the recent rains but it's not real grass.  We don't have a problem with that.  I happen to love dandelions and don't want Peter Kevin to pull them out. 

He leaves them alone but does dig up the onion grass which reminds me of Treasure Trolls.  Remember them?  They had the hair that stood straight up.  The onion grass stands straight up amid the other grass like substances.  It looks like we have a yard full of buried treasure trolls.

I spent yesterday doing laundry and cleaning the house and spinning.  I finished some roving that I got for Christmas.  It made a lovely skein of yarn.  I don't know ho…