Here we are at another Friday morning.  I am sitting at my desk with a pile of charts next to me almost 2 feet high.  They all need attention.  I also have about 18 treatment plans to write and really should get them done today since they were due in April.  I'm not usually behind in these but last month was a little rough and I let a few things slide.  I'll rectify that today.  Probably.  Hopefully.  I'm wearing my pink sneakers so anything is possible.  Maybe I'll be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. (or tall piles of charts!) 

Peter Kevin and I are planning to have Date Night tonight.  Dinner and a movie.  We're thinking about seeing Thor since it promises not to be intellectually challenging.  I like Date Night.  We spend a lot of time on the weekends making sure the things that need to get done actually do get done but we need to spend some time just being together and having some fun. 

When we had our Health and Wellness fair two weeks ago, I had a skein of handspun yarn on the table to show it off as a finished product.  One of my coworkers who reconnected with her crafty self after our Fair in October came and asked about it.  I explained it was yarn I spun and she asked if she could have it.

Now, I would never ask someone to give me their handspun.  I know how much work/love goes into each skein and wouldn't presume.  She, however, had no idea and pleaded with me.  "But I LOVE this one, it's so BEAUTIFUL".  I caved and gave it to her for a scarf for her daughter.  She came back to me yesterday and asked if I had any more of that color.  The scarf is a little short and she needs to make it longer. 

Of course, I went home last night and found the other skein and hung it on her office door knob this morning.  I have a bit of roving left in those colors but I think I'll blend it in with something else.  One part of me is flattered that someone likes my work.  The other part is amazed that it didn't occur to her that this might be important to me since I made it.  I was giving away other skeins of mill spun with hooks and needles and directions so maybe she didn't see the difference.  Just one of those things.

I got home from work yesterday and slept for 90 minutes.  We got up and had dinner and I went to bed at 10:30 and slept through the night.  Tired?  Not me. 

We are having a hard time being motivated here today.  Spring is all over the place right outside my window and I want to ditch all this paper and go sit in the park. 

But I like my paycheck so I'll slog through.  Happy Friday all!


amy said…
Wow. Yeah, people who don't make things have no idea. I've never had anyone flat-out ask for something--they've asked for something and offered to pay, and depending on how I feel about the person (and the item) I'll either explain I don't sell my knitting, or I'll simply make it a gift. It was awfully nice of you to give it to her. It's probably too late now to explain how long it takes to hand-spin yarn without it getting awkward.

I took the girl to the zoo this morning. Now that it's Spring I'm instituting Field Trip Fridays!
Rose Red said…
Hope you got all those treatment plans done so you could have a lovely date night.

It was so very generous of you to give away not one but two skeins of your handspun! Perhaps next time you see her you could ask her how she enjoyed knitting with your handspun and offer to teach her how to do it. (I can't believe she didn't offer to pay you for it!)
Olivia said…
oof! Us nice people sometimes have a hard time saying "no" don't we? Or the flip side of that is, it's amazing sometimes what you can get if you just ask.

I saw Thor the other night, you'll be fine...not intellectually challenging, but pretty.
KnitTech said…
How was date night? (We're going to see Thor tonight.)
Alwen said…
Wow, that was incredibly generous of you!

I think my DH and I need to think about a Date Night again, now that our son is older.
Roxie said…
If you were just giving away other yarn, she might have thought . . . no, thought probably didn't enter into it. Just give it freely with all your heart and let go of it. You are a generous and openhearted woman, and probably would have WANTED to give it to her if you knew that she loved and wanted it. She just beat you to it by asking. (I get annoyed by being asked, too. Isn't that silly?)

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