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Wanna take a trip to Atlantic City?  Come on!

First, we'll head to Lindenwold to pick up the train.  It's only 5 dollars one way.  Not too bad for a 50 mile one hour trip.  Those train tracks lead back through Cherry Hill and across the Delaware River to Philadelphia.

We'll be riding NJ Transit with stops all along the way until we reach Atlantic City.  Good thing we brought some knitting.  (Elanor's May sock.  Yep, I'm sorta behind in her sock of the month gift).  Just a bit more and it'll be done.  Unfortunately, my handsome husband is sitting there and holding his hand is much more enjoyable than holding the knitting needles.  And yes, I say that with a straight face and in all honesty!

Here we are coming up to AC. One of the cool things is how the water starts to take over the land as you get closer.  And you can see the windmills that are outside of the city. We asked for a day with no rain and we got one.  Thank goodness for the occasional cloud cover or w…
"Leave behind the passive dreaming of a rose-tinted future. The energy of happiness exists in living today with roots sunk firmly in reality's soil."

~Daisaku Ikeda

Because hope springs eternal, I am writing this at my desk at work with mental fingers crossed that it will allow me to post.

I love this quote.  It's everything I've been trying to remind myself this year (the "look for the good in the moment" year) and what I've been trying to live up to.  You all know what I mean, so I won't belabor the point.  I'm just checking in as the year moves into its final half (and how exactly did THAT happen?) to report that I am still trying and often succeeding in finding the joy in the everyday.  I think of it as the TGIW or Thank Goodness It's Wednesday mind set. 

I am trying not to just wander through the first four days of each week and trying to appreciate them as they happen.  If we live for Friday, then we ignore 4/7 of our week.  So n…
I have this weird inner-ear thing that I've had since I was a kid.  My parents were not "go-to-the-doctors-for-everything" kind of people so I just dealt with it as best as I could.  It wasn't until I was in college and one of my roomates got nervous and made me go to the infirmary that they told me this had a name (labrynthitis) and that I could take something for it.

It strikes when I've had some sinus issues and usually a pill will make it bearable (the room spins round and round).  Every once in a while, I get a bout bad enough to make me spend a day flat on my back and yesterday was one of those days. 

I woke up about 2:30 in the morning, rolled over and felt the dizziness, and took some meclizine and went back to sleep.  Usually, this means I'll wake up feeling a bit tired but ok.  Not this day.  I woke up Saturday morning and couldn't walk a straight line.  I took the maximum dose of meclizine and some decongestant and some xanax (the Mayo clinic …
Look!  It's a sleeve!  Not just any sleeve, but the first sleeve of my sweater.  This is a close up so you can see the handspun personality of the yarn.  I think it will smooth itself out somewhat when it's blocked.  I like the organic look of it.
The Oatmeal sweater has a small cable design on the sleeves but the unevenness of my yarn did not lend itself well to the pattern.  I tried several times before deciding I could live without it.  When I attach the sleeves at the yoke, I'll see if the larger design works out.  If it does, I'll include it.  If not, I'll have a plain yoked, handspun sweater. 

When I set out to make this, I had in mind a "workhorse" kind of sweater. My brother brought Pk a cardigan back from a trip to Ireland and I ended up wearing it.  I literally wore it out.  The elbows were darned and darned and darned again.  The only way to save it is to put leather patches on them and I'm not enamored with that idea.

I wanted a sweater …
The recovery committee in Philadelphia (and recovery means anyone making positive changes in their lives due to drugs, alcohol or serious mental illness) is having a Recovery Idol competition.  There are several men and women competing for a recording contract.  They have been singing in different venues all over the city since February.

We have a woman from our center in the competition and Friday they were singing outdoors in the Center Court of City Hall at noon.  One of my coworkers and I walked down to City Hall to offer support.  It was not unpleasant out, warm but not awful.  We got there in time to see our girl sing (and she was wonderful) and then walked back. 

Unfortunately, I was wearing my adorable Converse One Star sneakers (in pink) that have no support and are hell on your feet if you have to walk anywhere.  They are not made for walking, just looking cute.  All weekend, my ankles have let me know that it was a bad idea and I should not repeat it.

After a brief reprie…
When I was a little girl, my grandmother used to tell me the reason I got bit by so many mosquitos is that I was so sweet.  I now know that brunettes are more likely to get bit than blondes and that's why I came home from the park last Sunday night covered in bites and Pk had not one.  (Most of the bites are normal sized but one blew up into an enormous itchy welt that hurt.  Gotta love mosquitos)

He and Kate and I went to sit by the river.  I introduced Kate to the fibers prepared by Joan at The Cupcake Fiber Co and she fell in love.  Being the mom, I gave her my bobbin of spun singles and the rest of the roving.  Kate wanted to spin and needed something easy and pretty to entice her back to her wheel.  Joan's "cupcakes" are just the ticket.  She is loving them. 

We spend lots of time at the river when it's hot.  There is a breeze and the sounds/smells of the river are soothing and cooling (all except for the very loud speedboats which are just disturbing).  W…
Whew!  It's been hot here!  The first week of summer we had a heat wave and we are already in the middle of what's predicted to be an 11 day marathon of 90+ (35C) days.  (Our record is 18 days of 90+ degree days in a row.  That was in 1988.  I remember it.  Well.)

Pk and I have been good about going to the gym.  Our goal is to ease ourselves back into the routine and as long as we make it twice in a week, we're good.  We went this morning and I can feel it in my shoulders now and I know tomorrow my abs will protest.  I managed to do 45 situps (with weights) and that made me feel good.  We know going to the gym is good for us both mentally and physically but it's not our favorite thing to do. 

After the gym today, we got on the train and went to Philadelphia to pick up our "share" for the week.  This was a good week.  We got some corn on the cob, some peaches, some onions and zuchini, some Damask plums (slightly larger than cherries but definitely plums), eg…