"Leave behind the passive dreaming of a rose-tinted future. The energy of happiness exists in living today with roots sunk firmly in reality's soil."

~Daisaku Ikeda

Because hope springs eternal, I am writing this at my desk at work with mental fingers crossed that it will allow me to post.

I love this quote.  It's everything I've been trying to remind myself this year (the "look for the good in the moment" year) and what I've been trying to live up to.  You all know what I mean, so I won't belabor the point.  I'm just checking in as the year moves into its final half (and how exactly did THAT happen?) to report that I am still trying and often succeeding in finding the joy in the everyday.  I think of it as the TGIW or Thank Goodness It's Wednesday mind set. 

I am trying not to just wander through the first four days of each week and trying to appreciate them as they happen.  If we live for Friday, then we ignore 4/7 of our week.  So not cool.

Am I good at this.  So/so.  I have my weeks when I can't wait for them to be over but that's natural.  I am getting better, though and that's what counts to me.

Today Pk and I are heading off on the afternoon train to Atlantic City.  We love taking the train.  Let someone else sit in traffic on the Expressway.  We sit in comfortable seats.  We plan to walk the boardwalk, maybe give a few (very few) dollars to the casino and then have dinner outside if the weather holds.  It's hot and humid and there's a 30 - 40 % chance of storms.  We're optimistic.  The AC Food and Wine Show is in town and maybe we'll hit that (we've been before and were less than impressed).

I'm working on a photo project for a favorite client who is turning 60 this month.  I'm making a photo album of folks past/present that he can enjoy.  It's been bittersweet to look at the old photos and see how many people are gone.  I'm going to take a disc and have prints made and put them together.  I like doing this.  A little bit of nostalgia is good for the soul.

Have a good weekend and if you think of it, think rain-free thoughts for the NJ coast for later today.  I am not taking an umbrella.


Roxie said…
May the rain not fall on you! have a lovely time with PK. You two really do know how to enjoy life together.

Lasthalf of the year? What? How did that happen? What do you mean it's almost August?

You have a capacity for appreciating the details. It makes life so much more present.

Your photo collage for your 60 year-old friend sounds lovely. You are such a generous woman!
amy said…
I hope all the rain comes here, just skirts right by Jersey. :) Enjoy! We just got a commuter station to Boston not too far from us and while I wish it ran more often I have it on my summer list to take the kids to Boston for the day via train. I don't know how summer is half over, either.
Galad said…
Have a wonderful weekend! Sending dry and sunny thoughts
Saren Johnson said…
Dance in the rain! Some places would love to have some.

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