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It's Sunday morning and there is still a bit of peace lying about. Pk has gone down into the workshop to make noise and sawdust, the girls are still sleeping. I am showered and dressed and soon will go and make breakfast. We need to fortify ourselves because today is the day that Christmas comes out to play at our house.

But, before all of that. I want to share a little bit of my yesterday. As I told you Pk, Kate and El went to the National Air and Space Museum. There they are. Aren't they cute? I met them at a local chinese restaurant for dinner (that way no one has to clean up) and they talked about their day. I think the thing I heard the most often was "what a great day!". They saw lots of air ships but unfortunately you are not allowed to touch. This is always my problem in museums. I like to touch and they don't like it. But, even keeping their hands to themselves, they had a good day.

And I? Well, I went out to run some errands and picked up the yarn to make…
Thanksgiving was a nice day here in the wilds of South Jersey. We say South Jersey to distinguish ourselves from North Jersey even though we are one state. The north and south are very different because they are each influenced by different large cities. In the north they have New York with all of its eccentricities and in the south we have Philadelphia with all its brotherly love (how many police men and women have been shot this year?). More wealth is congregated in the north and more power. We here in the south often feel like forgotten step children when it comes to governmental issues.

But, as I was saying, Thanksgiving was a nice day. The turkey went into the oven at noon stuffed with our favorite cornbread and sausage stuffing. I also made some without sausage because we were having a vegetarian guest for dinner. We headed out to the movies to see Quantum of Solace (I have no idea what that means), the new James Bond movie. I think Daniel Craig is the best Bond eve…
It's here already. The time of year we call "the holidays" lumping them all in together. It seems like the time between Hallowe'en and New Years is one big celebration.
And I like it. Actually, I enjoy Hallowe'en and the plethora of chocolate that is around and little kids in costumes. I have even been known to put on a pair of wings and have a good time. And I like Christmas. I like finding gifts that everyone will open and say "ooohhh". And I love Christmas trees and making my house all sparkly and decorated.

But I love Thanksgiving. More than all the others combined. I like the peacefulness of it. I know that it strikes fear in the hearts of many people but for me, I have always looked forward to the day when all I have to do is cook and enjoy the people I love. The days are getting shorter and the early darkness encourages us to nest and spend time inside with our families.
I know this time of year you see the lists of all that folks are thankful for.…
I was sitting at my desk on my Friday, which was a payday, browsing the internet. This is not a good combination. I happened to visit A Piece of Vermont and before I knew what I was doing, I had placed an order. And when I came home from work today, it had arrived! From Vermont to New Jersey in a weekend. I was impressed. And then I opened the package and I was really impressed. I had ordered some sock yarn that was labelled imperfect. I used some of this same yarn to make the socks I gave to my sister in law. I liked it so much I bought some more for me. And I bought some roving. It's superwash merino, bamboo and nylon. The top one is Blue Marble and the bottom one is Eleanor Rigby. And oh my, they are soft. And beautiful. And did I mention soft? Unfortunately, I have to put them away for the moment. I think I could become an ADD spinner and just spin little bits of everything I like and never do anything with the yarn. It was nice to find the package waiting by my door when I got…
It's Sunday evening and the weekend is almost over. Almost. I can see a faint golden glow through the trees out of my back window. Dinner is in the crockpot and will be done in about an hour. I also roasted a turkey for our annual Thanksgiving luncheon for our clients at work tomorrow. The hospital provides all the sides (potatoes, stuffing, veggies and gravy) and volunteers cook the turkeys. I cooked mine this afternoon and as soon as it's cool, I'll cut it up and put it into a disposable pan to take back to work tomorrow. I never mind cooking the turkey except it's so heavy to drag home on the train and awkward to drag back on Monday. And it makes my kitchen smell so good all afternoon. It's hard not to want to eat it.

I managed to get the chores done yesterday with some help from the girls and PK. He and I went to the produce store and the buy-things-in-bulk-store and the local grocery store yesterday and then put all of the groceries away. It took a while but i…
Good morning. And welcome to Thursday. I get into work about 7:30 each morning, by choice. I could come in as late as 9 but I like being able to go home at 3:30 while there's still some daylight left. It's full-on dark at 5 now. I like the quiet 45 minutes or so I get before my office mate gets in. I sit in the semidark with only the desk lamp on and check email, messages and catch up with blog friends. Then he comes in and says "light" and puts on the overhead fluorescent lights.

It amazed me how many people read Sark. I found Succulent Wild Woman at a conference I was attending. I picked it up because of the colorful cover and intriguing title. And I fell in love. It spoke to a part of my soul that was so lonely. It made me realize that all of the weird, silly things I have inside are also inside lots of other people. It brought new words into my vocabulary, like 'nappish'. I feel nappish often and now I have a word for it. I also own two other Sark books, …
Well, I want to know who decided that the temperature should take a nose dive off the cliffs of fall and right into winter. It's 27 degrees this morning (-2.7 C) and windy. It's only November. Last Saturday it was 70 (21 C). This came on much too fast and I want to protest. If I only knew who to protest to.So, how many people do you need to have an official Knit Night? Would 2 count? That's how many people showed up last night. Emily and I walked into Borders and didn't see anyone with sticks and string. I asked one of the workers if they had knit night here. She said "well, last month one or two people came." Hmmm, doesn't sound promising. We decided to sit in the cafe where we could be seen if anyone else showed up. Here I was worried about crashing into an established group and it turns out, we were the group! We sat and had mochas and I had a rice krispie treat (I love them) and Em had a warm brownie with whipped cream. We knitted and …
For some reason, I cannot copy and paste the code for this. Or rather, only part of the code copies and it's not the important part. Go here if you think you may be in danger of your cat trying to do you harm. I found this on Julie's web site. Now, when I go home, I will look at those critters with a more critical eye....

Tonight I am going to attend my first ever knit night (not sure what it's actually called) at our local Borders. Someone on a ravelry group board mentioned that there is a group the third tuesday of the month. I'm always reluctant to go to new places alone. I like to have someone with me to talk to in case no one else wants to. You'd think by age 51 I'd be over this , but I'm not. I hate going into new situations by myself. I am self conscious and nervous. But I want to go. I want to find others around me I can talk to in person and share my hobby with. I am looking forward to this but with trepidation. Pk says it's '…
Fall is back and with a vengeance. After 3 straight days of rain and two days of wind, the trees are mostly bare, except for the Oak trees. Someone should investigate what holds those leaves on. It might be the next superglue! It's cold today. My toes have been cold all day. I am wearing sweat socks and slippers and I know I'd be warmer in sneakers but I have to wear shoes all week so I enjoy not wearing them on the weekend.

I got one last gift for my birthday. It's a bracelet.
Now, I am not one for wearing a lot of jewelry. In fact I wear the same jewelry every day. I wear the same earrings (I don't take them off), my wedding ring, my mother's ring (with my girls' birthstones) and my watch. That's it. I occasionally wear a pin but only occasionally. When I saw this bracelet in the catalog (pyramid collection), I had two thoughts. First, it was too expensive and second I don't wear silver (although my watch is stainless steel). But I loved it. e…
I think this spinning thing could get seriously out of hand. No, really. I spent 5 hours yesterday sitting at the wheel and I can't wait to get finished the chores so I can do it some more today. That, my friends, is a sign of a serious addiction.
I have spent the last three days at work (when my work was done. I could do all my work in 3 days each week and still get it all done) browsing spinning groups on ravelry looking for ideas and helpful hints. Lots of people were spinning their singles with embroidery thread or metallic thread. It looked really interesting and I wanted to try. I took a trip to the craft store and bought a huge bobbin of colored cotton thread (very thick thread, tatting thread) and sat and played with some bright purple and turquoise roving that Kate had lying around. I came up with this. Sorry about the photo but it is unrelentingly gray here today and the light is nonexistent. Flash just washes it out. I'm calling it Kate's Carnival because it rem…
And now on today's episode of the Saga of the Tooth,

We find our heroine sitting at her desk at work. The crown is still in her mouth. She ponders the irony of the fact that when she wants the crown to stay in her mouth, it falls out when she eats a piece of bread. Yesterday when the dentist used the "tapping thingy" to remove the crown, it clung on for dear life. She sighs. It figures.

Yes, the crown is still in my mouth. The dentist smoothed out the rough edges so it won't scrape my tongue. She tried and tried to get it out. She thinks it can go back and be remade because it shouldn't have broken. It's only 2 years old. It has to last me for another 3 years before the insurance company will pay for another one. She told me to eat everything sticky I could think of for the next two weeks and see if I can convince it to come out. If it doesn't come out, it will have to be cut out and then it can't be saved.

So bring on the MaryJanes and th…
For some odd reason (does there need to be a reason for an odd thought?), I was thinking about being a Girl Scout this morning on the train on my way to work. I was a Girl Scout for over 11 years. And most of them were very good.

I started at 7 as a Brownie. I remember we had meetings on Tuesdays after school and we got to wear our uniforms to school on Tuesdays. I LOVED my uniform. It was a brown dress with a dark brown beanie with a little brownie on it in orange. We got a gold pin with a brownie on it,too. It was a time to learn to be part of a whole, a troop. We learned to work together and have fun and help out. We sang the Brownie Song

I've got something in my pocket that belongs across my face

I keep it very close to me in a most convenient place

I bet you could not guess it if you guessed a long long while

I'll take it out and put it on,

It's a great big Brownie smile!

Funny the things that stick in your brain. After two years we had a "flying up" ceremony. We w…
The saga of the tooth continues......

When last we left our heroine, she was leaving the dentist's chair with a crown newly cemented into her mouth (a mouth with no pain and no infection) ready to resume normal life which included chewing her food.

We rejoin our story already in progress:

This morning our heroine was eating a fairly healthy breakfast of Rice Krispies with bananas and low fat milk (yum). "This is good" she said and then she bit down on an especially Krispy bit. "Hmmm, that is an especially Krispy bit", she thought. Little did she know, it was not a really krispy krispy but a piece of the crown that was just recently (3 weeks ago) recemented into her mouth. Yes, folks, the crown is broken.

Our heroine placed the piece of tooth inside a plastic bag and called the dentist who will see her tomorrow to discuss "options". Since the insurance company has decided that they will not pay for the replacement of this crown, it looks like our her…
Here's hoping that the day will come when these will become a curiosty and not something that we all instantly recognize.
My dad served in Korea and my husband spent 6 years in the Navy. Neither was harmed and for that I am grateful.

Today is our chance to say thanks to the men and women who serve. All of them, all over the world.Thank you.
Here is a glimpse of the glory that is my first spun and plied yarn and the scarf it is growing up to be. It has a soft shimmer from the silk and is soft and dense. Very dense. This will be a scarf of armor to keep out the winter chill. It's funny how it is not spun terribly evenly, nor is it plied very evenly, but when it is worked over with the needles, it behaves itself and looks nice and even.I had a birthday dinner at the local Chinese restaurant. They know us there and always treat us well. At the end of the meal, they brought a plate of oranges and pineapple bits (which they often do) but this time there was a candle in the pineapple! And there was singing. I felt loved and special. Em gave me a basket for my bike. Now I can do my local errands on my bike once Pk installs the basket. It comes off and has a handle so I can take it into stores and save on bags. Good for the environment and good for me.I am home from work today. For some reason I had a hard time …
This is what my neighbor's tree looked like on Thursday afternoon. It's such a beautiful tree. I think it's a lovely shape and I enjoy watching it change colors each year. After two days of rain and wind, the tree is naked. It didn't last very long.

It continued to rain today but was very warm. Almost 70 degrees (21 C) which is a little warm for November. I'm not complaining because it will keep the gas bill down for a while longer but still.....

I keep trying to type but Hobbes is rubbing all over the computer and moving the screen and trying to rub against my hands. He just came in and is very needy. The funny thing is that he has only recently become friendly. He used to be stand-offish and didn't let anyone pet him. Now he has become very demanding and wants attention RIGHT NOW.

Today was a peaceful, productive day. We did the house cleaning, grocery shopping and laundry. PK and I went to the diner for a burger and now we are relaxing. Tomorrow Em and Jim ar…
I totally stole this from Joan.

You Should Be a MechanicYou are logical, calm, and detail oriented.
You're rational when things are chaotic, and for you, reason always prevails.
And while you are guided by logic, you aren't a slave to it.
You're flexible when it counts. You are always open to being wrong.

You do best when you:

- Work with your hands
- Can use tools, machines, or equipment

You would also be a good architect or carpenter.
What Should You Be When You Grow Up? It's actually a pretty accurate snapshot of me. Although my family might question the whole "can use tools, machines and equipment" part. Spinning wheels and knitting needles are tools, right? Hope your day is going well. The country seems to be running on adrenaline today at the possibilities for change in January. I hope we're all not disappointed.
When I got home from work yesterday, this was what awaited me. PK and Elanor and Kate were blowing up balloons and stringing crepe paper and ribbons around the living room for my birthday. It's one of my favorite birthday traditions. Most occasions are enhanced by the addition of balloons! I slept in and then showered, had breakfast and went off and voted. No lines, no waiting. Just a quick in and out. They didn't even ask me for identification. I came home and watched the rain come. It was soft rain, the kind that you can't really see but you can hear. And there was knitting. I was alone in the house for most of the day. I listened to a good courtroom mystery/drama on my mp3 player and worked on my lace. I knit several repeats but boy does it take a long time to grow. I guess it's the thinness of the yarn. It looks quite nice and I think I will like it when it's done. It's a really simple shawl and the blue/grey/green combination is one that I really like. It …
It's been a good Sunday. Pk and I went to a local buffet for Sunday brunch. It's nothing fancy, just the same food we would fix ourselves at home. With two important parts. Someone else cooks and someone else cleans up. 'nuff said. Then we stopped at our favorite bakery for some sugar and fat and came home to pursue the hobbies that help us keep our sanity.

Peter Kevin is outside using the lathe and making bobbins for my wheel. He comes in every once in a while for a kiss and to measure the bobbin-in-progress. I spent a few hours sitting at the wheel plying the silk/camel that I have been spinning. It is so beautiful. Well, at least to me it is. This is the first yarn I have plied. It is soft and feels fluffy and has a lovely halo. I plan to turn it into a scarf. That seems like a good use for it.

I have been working on my lace for the Long Lacey Summer. It's the North Sea Shawl from Folk Shawls. The yarn is Winter Lace in the Wild Horse color from Mountain Yarns. It&…
Well, it's November 1st (only three more days until the election, in case you're not paying attention and need reminding) and although the obligatory blogging is over, I found myself turning on the computer to blog this morning. I remember reading somewhere that it only takes 3 weeks to form a habit so maybe this everyday blogging has become a habit. This is the Meandering Vines lace I was working on (before I got up to give the trick or treaters candy and dropped it on the floor and lots of stitches fell off the needles and unravelled amid lots of cursing and bad words). It's been frogged and I'm thinking I don't like it after all. (Maybe my subconscious mind dropped it on purpose?). The yarn is too thin to pick up the pattern of wandering yo's and k2tog. The designer used two strands held together but said it wasn't necessary. I think maybe it is necessary if you want the pattern to show up well. So, I'm off to search for another pattern.

We went to my…