Thanksgiving was a nice day here in the wilds of South Jersey. We say South Jersey to distinguish ourselves from North Jersey even though we are one state. The north and south are very different because they are each influenced by different large cities. In the north they have New York with all of its eccentricities and in the south we have Philadelphia with all its brotherly love (how many police men and women have been shot this year?). More wealth is congregated in the north and more power. We here in the south often feel like forgotten step children when it comes to governmental issues.

But, as I was saying, Thanksgiving was a nice day. The turkey went into the oven at noon stuffed with our favorite cornbread and sausage stuffing. I also made some without sausage because we were having a vegetarian guest for dinner. We headed out to the movies to see Quantum of Solace (I have no idea what that means), the new James Bond movie. I think Daniel Craig is the best Bond ever. Ever. The movie is good. But he is drop dead sexy. Not, of course, as sexy as my own PK but a good second.

Funny thing happened at the movie. We were sitting behind two people (Em and Jim and Pk and I) and were laughing and talking because they hadn't even started the previews yet. The people in front of us were doing sudoku puzzles and being very quiet. After about 5 minutes, they got up and changed seats. The movie hadn't started! I guess they were there for the whole movie experience and like to be quiet and we were feeling joyful and festive. Oh well. I wouldn't really have spilled popcorn on them although I have been known to have trouble controlling my popcorn. Why do they fill those bags so full?

We got home from the movie and the house smelled great. We were going to play a game but couldn't decide on one so we just sat and talked and then we ate. It was delicious. Em and Jim and his sister left to go visit their parents and we sat and were amazed at how fast the day had gone. I think I said it three times.

Yesterday, Pk cleaned the house and I spun some of the roving I just bought. I'd show you but Pk has the camera and he is on his way to Washington DC with Kate and Elanor. They are going to the Air and Space Museum as part of last year's christmas gift. They left at 7 this morning and should be home (exhausted) by dinner time. I am going to enjoy the quiet of the empty house and maybe hit the local yarn store. I want to make some thrummed mittens and need some yarn. I have some alpaca to use for the thrumms but I need some yarn for the actual mittens. I like the sound of the word 'thrumms'.

I hope you are all having a good weekend. The sun is shining here and there is a red tailed hawk perched on my pool looking around. He is gorgeous. Look out squirrels!


Galad said…
It sounds like you had a lovely holiday with the family. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with jocularity before the movie but then, my family aren't quiet people.

Hope you have a fun weekend and enjoy the long break.
Roxie said…
Oh hooray for peaceful post party time. You get to sort of digest all the lovely experiences and memories and incorporate them into your whole being, like turning that wonderful food into muscles and blood and bone.

Maybe the folks moved somewhere the light was better.
Bezzie said…
I will admit, South Jersey is prettier than North Jersey. (And you can't forget the peeps in Central Jersey!). I don't know about "more power" though--y'all have Trenton!!! But maybe I say that because our firm does so much for the State I'm used to constantly sending them "down south" for this or that!

Sounds like a cozy holiday!
teabird said…
I've been puzzled by "quantum of solace," too. Particles of solace? I didn't realize that solace wasn't solid...Ah well. I'm glad you had a lovely holiday!
Sheepish Annie said…
Maine is very north/south oriented as well. I've heard northerners even say jokingly (I think) that they'd like to secede!

Glad your holiday was so wonderful. Isn't leftover turkey the best stuff ever?
Rose Red said…
Sounds like a great day (both Thanksgiving and also your day to yourself!)

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