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Lo 33 °F

We were watching Captain America last night (what a good movie) and I pulled up the NOAA forecast for the weekend.  Pk is supposed to travel to see Em (about an hour with traffic) and I wanted to see if it was going to rain all day or just part of the day.  SNOW!  In October!  This is so weird. 

I'm realistic enough to know that if it does snow, it'll be a dusting at best but all of a sudden it's cold enough to snow and we haven't turned on the heater for the season yet.  And I didn't get the winter clothes out and washed (best laid plans and all). 

I know what I'll be doing this weekend!  Pk isn't feeling well and may end up cancelling for Saturday.  They're supposed to go shooting (at targets at a gun club).  Em and Jim go and she really likes it.  I have never held a gun in my life (I've never actually punched anyone either) and have no idea how they feel.  Em and Pk had a good time mocking me about this.  Good thing I…
This has been an odd weekend here.  Let's start with Friday.

We managed to get Pk a new phone by sheer luck.  He called around and no one in the area seemed to have the phone he wanted to get.  He sent me a text about 3 pm letting me know we could go home.  I thought it was impossible that NO ONE had a phone in stock (although I do realize they're a popular item) so I started making phone calls of my own.  I found a store a few blocks from where we work that had them but we had to get there soon.  I called him and told him to drop everything and go to the store and get in line.  I put away my things and hopped on a bus and met him there.  We waited about a half hour and it only took about 15 minutes for them to hook him up.

He's thrilled.

Then we got home and I discovered that our ATM card has been compromised and I called the bank to cancel it and get a new one.  They said we could get a temporary card and they were sending me one out immediately.  We just had to go to th…
I'm sitting at my desk at work enjoying the bit of quiet that is early morning around here.  My office mate will be here in a few minutes and he is not always quiet.
I'm sorry for the radio silence the past week.  I have two blog posts that I started and just didn't post.  No, nothing is wrong.  Everyone is fine and I'm fine, too.  I just had nothing to say.  (I know!)
Things here are quiet and normal and just plain ol' life.  I am not complaining.  I'll take normal over exciting any day.  I've been missing Hobbes.  I see him everywhere I go.  For a cat that really liked to be left alone, he made his presence (and now his absence) felt.  It doesn't hurt with the sharp pain of the newly lost but with wistful sadness.
I have been busy at work this week catching up from being sick last week.  My clients still have needs even if I'm not here and sometimes they're not all that patient.  I understand the urgency but come on, now.  If you wait until you&…
Here I am at home with a low grade virus that has given me a low grade fever and general ickiness.  I felt all shivery Tuesday night but got up and went to work on Wednesday and felt ok all day.  Then last night, the icky feeling came back so I gave into Peter Kevin's entreaties that I "take care of myself" and stay home.  I'm vaguely nauseous but not enough to be sick, vaguely feverish but not really.  If it  hadn't been a week ago, I'd blame my flu shot.

Our anniversary was a good one. I'll give you a run down and then show you some of the photos.  That way, anyone who hates vacation photos can click off.  We enjoy each other's company and can talk about anything and everything and are avid people watchers so we're hardly ever bored.  We had a lovely brunch on Sunday, followed by walking around the touristy shops at Smithville, drove to Wildwood to stay at our b&b, The Sea Gypsy. 

The Sea Gypsy is a lovely place.  Opened in 1903 as a boardi…
Really, this is just to add the photos of the inside of the machine to satiate the curiosity.  I should have known fiber folks would want to see the equipment.  We just got home from Cape May and are tired.  I'll post the story and photos later but today, I'll show you the rest of the machine.
Circa 1953 Cast iron Singer sewing machine in excellent condition.  All but the cord.  it's hard to see in the photo but those are bare wires.  The guy who sold it to me (and he was selling it for a friend.  It was the friend's grandmother's and he was moving and couldn't (or didn't want to) take it with him.) said he plugged it in and it works.  We are taking his word for it because we are not stupid enough to plug it in with the cord in that condition.
The front opens up for bobbins and notions.  It's just like my grandmother's without the treadle and wheel underneath.  The cast iron legs are in good shape, no rust, and have the intricate Singer design in them…
We are in the middle of the most beautiful weather here right now.  It seems like it's either feast or famine lately.  All rain all the time or all sunshine. 

Today was all sunshine.  Pk, El and I went to Allaire State Park to ride the Pine Ridge RR.  A little backstory here.  Pk and I were looking for a train ride to look at some fall foliage and this came up when I did a search in the area.  We thought it would be nice to take the train and have a picnic in the park so we stopped at the store on Friday on our way home from work and bought some goodies and off we went.

It's a small train.  How small you ask?  Well here's the engine.  It's a tiny little thing.  It pulled one regular car, one open air car and a red caboose.
The entire circuit takes about 10 minutes and they take you around twice.  Despite it being geared more toward small folks, we enjoyed it.  (maybe because we are small folks at heart).
We then discovered that this weekend they were having a Flea Market…
Today I haz a sad.  Pk and I had to have Hobbes put to sleep yesterday.

He had been losing weight and we thought he might have tape worm ( we saw him eating something he killed and this is a common result) so we dosed him with medicine and waited to see what happened.
He seemed to rally on Saturday and was moving around and eating/drinking.  We breathed a sigh of relief and figured we'd take him for a check up in a few days.

Sunday he had taken a sharp turn for the worse.  He was limp and unresponsive.  We called the emergency vet and took him right in.

They were wonderful.  They told us he had a mass in his abdomen and they were going to do blood tests, xrays and other diagnostics.  We asked if they were going to be able to fix him.  They hemmed and hawed and finally said they didn't think so.

We opted not to put him through useless and possible painful treatment and held him as they injected the euthanasia drugs into his catheter.  He kept his eyes on me and I saw the momen…
It's Saturday afternoon and most of the work of the day is done.  Today was mostly sunny.  And no rain.  For the first time in days, it didn't rain.  It felt like a blessing.

I took the opportunity to wash the windows and curtains.  We have tilt windows upstairs so they're fairly easy and the curtains go right into the washer and dryer and back onto the windows before they get all wrinkled in the dryer.  I don't know why I always dread the thought of doing this.  It's never difficult and the reward is clean windows with curtains that smell wonderful.  I also washed the bedding and now our bedroom smells fresh. 
The laundry is in process but that doesn't require much attention.  I got out "the orange stuff" as my girls put it.  The house is now adorned with fall and Halloween decorations.  There's a witch that I made several years ago with a friend who wanted to learn to sew.  It was one of those patterned pieces of material that you buy with all th…