Really, this is just to add the photos of the inside of the machine to satiate the curiosity.  I should have known fiber folks would want to see the equipment.  We just got home from Cape May and are tired.  I'll post the story and photos later but today, I'll show you the rest of the machine.

Circa 1953 Cast iron Singer sewing machine in excellent condition.  All but the cord.  it's hard to see in the photo but those are bare wires.  The guy who sold it to me (and he was selling it for a friend.  It was the friend's grandmother's and he was moving and couldn't (or didn't want to) take it with him.) said he plugged it in and it works.  We are taking his word for it because we are not stupid enough to plug it in with the cord in that condition.

The front opens up for bobbins and notions.  It's just like my grandmother's without the treadle and wheel underneath.  The cast iron legs are in good shape, no rust, and have the intricate Singer design in them.  The wood will take some work but Pk loves a challenge. 

I have a cast iron portable Singer machine (I got it at a thrift store for 30 dollars) in mint condition with beautiful gold scrollwork on it that might fit in here as well.  It only goes forward and backward.  But in all reality, most of my sewing is straight stitching.  I don't use zig zag stitches or other fancy ones very often and if I need them, I can pull out the newer machine and use that. 

One day this week we'll get to the home store and get some cord and a new plug and then we'll see what works and what doesn't.  It came with the original instruction book and some bobbins (good thing since they're different than mine and they sit sideways in the machine which is also different) and a package of needles so I can try it right away.

We had a good time this weekend.  I'll tell you about Sunday and Monday later and show you the photos of our roomlet and our dinner.  So, TTFN.


Kaye said…
Very pretty! Thanks for the pics! ;-)
KnitTech said…
Interesting. Can't wait to see it finished.
Roxie said…
Oooo! What a prize. And PK gets to be involved in making it work for you? A treat for both of you. Hugs and smiles!
Louiz said…
That is such an amazing find, lovely:)
Galad said…
I learned to sew on my grandmother's treadle machine in a stand much like that. We sold it for about $25 at my dad's auction which totally broke my heart but it was too expensive to move to Arizona.

Can't wait to see how this looks when PK gets done with it!
catsmum said…
a great find,and I'm so glad that you're getting the electrics looked at/ One of these days I really should show you my [modest] collection

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