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There are only 15 and 1/2 hours left in 2008. I know it's traditional for people to look back and see what they've accomplished or look forward to what they'd like to accomplish in the coming year. My memory is not good enough to remember what I did this past year. I know I made several pairs of socks. I'm wearing a pair now and I often see them on the feet of my family. I learned the frustration that is lace knitting and the wonder that is blocking said lace knitting. I have completed one thrummed mitten and started another (both hands need to be warm).

I have learned to spin in a rudimentary way. It IS hypnotic and peaceful and calming, once you get the hang of it and get into a rhythmn (before that it is all about the cursing).

I have learned that I have infinite patience with people but inanimate objects piss me off easily.

I have learned that I know a lot of things and I am generally good at what I do, but, boy, do I have a lot to learn.

I have learned that getting …
It's Sunday night and I am trying to prepare myself mentally for the fact that I have to go to work tomorrow. My lunch is made, my clothes are chosen and my computer is downloading some books for my mp3 player. Now, if only my brain would cooperate.

This has been a relaxing 5 days. I haven't left the house so I haven't put on real clothes. Sweat clothes and slippers don't count. I haven't had shoes on since last Wednesday. (I sound like a hillbilly!) I have knitted and spun and napped and eaten about one million calories worth of cookies. It's been wonderful.

I finished the socks I was making for me. These are the Go with the Flow socks I was working on done in ArtWalk sock yarn. The colors are based on a painting by Dali called Girl at a Window and I love it. I gave them away to my Aunt Joan. She has repeatedly told me how much she likes the handknit socks I have given her so I gave her these. It was a wrench, I will admit because I loved these so much. I'v…
Here I am in my Who hat on Dec. 23rd right after work. Pk and I had to work a full day despite our attempts to get away early. We stopped at the grocery store to get some extra eggs and butter and then came home. We took a brief nap because he had a sinus headache and wouldn't lay down if I didn't lay down with him. It was nice to know that we had time and didn't have to hurry around.

There was dinner and then cookies. These are the blank canvases we started with. There was much laughter and creativity. We had a priest cookie

and a snowwoman in a bikini and a bunny that was hit by a falling star and was bleeding. Somehow I missed getting a photo of that one. The frosting we used this year was a little runny and we had a hard time getting definition. It was fun.On the 24th, Pk worked from home for a few hours. Since he does all of his work on a computer, as long as he has internet access, he can work from home. Lucky for him. I spent the day baking 2 babkas, one mincemeat pie…
It's early Tuesday morning and I'm sitting at my desk wearing my hat that makes me look like I belong in Whoville with all the other Who folk. I am not a big fan of hats but I make an exception for this one. It never fails to elicit a smile from someone.

The Christmas plans are right on schedule. Sunday I baked three kinds of cookies (even a batch I found as a result of blog reading which turned out to be absolutely delicious). Last night Elanor and I made two more. I manned the pizelle iron and she made some molasses cookies. Tonight we traditionally make the sugar cookies. It is always a contest to see who can come up with the most bizarre cookie. Thus, we have ninja reindeer, snowmen who have been shot through the heart with arrows, and animals with two heads or three legs. Thankfully, there are enough bells and trees to put out on the cookie tray. The presents are all wrapped. Pk and I did it all last night in one marathon session.
Tomorrow I will make the chocolate torte …
It's early Sunday morning and we dodged another bullet. On Friday when Pk and I were doing some shopping it was pouring rain. Not just raining but pouring. We decided not to try to go grocery shopping. It would have been a mess. So, we went Christmas shopping instead. We don't usually do much shopping together and this was rather enjoyable. We were grateful for the rain because it could have been snow and then we would have not been able to finish the shopping. I did the grocery shopping on Saturday morning and then finished up the holiday shopping last night. Now I have to wrap the presents. Sigh. It takes forever and I start out with all of these beautifully wrapped and be-ribboned packages and by the end I'm lucky to get the paper and a tag. I will be baking cookies today. I try to buy a new cookie cutter each year and this year I got train shaped ones. Pk is already planning how he can decorate them as a train wreck. We always get reindeer cookies with missi…
Good Friday morning! It's 8 am and I am sitting at my desk getting ready to face the day. I have a fairly light day planned but we all know how that goes. Actually, it was a fairly easy week because the doctors were either on vacation or in training all week so no clinics. That gave me time to catch up on paperwork and just breathe for a bit.This weekend is my big push toward holiday preparedness. I have done some shopping but will do the bulk tomorrow and finish up on Sunday. Grocery shopping first tonight and then dinner and some holiday shopping with Pk. Somewhere during the next two days, the laundry will get done and the house will get cleaned and the baking will start. I might find some time to sit and knit but then maybe not. That's ok. I don't mind a busy weekend. I have lists and lists of lists. I love a good list. I have gift lists, cookie lists, general baking lists, Christmas dinner lists, lists of which store to buy which gift in....the list is en…
Today is typical winter in south jersey. It's raining/sleeting/snowing. It's not a pretty light, fluffy snow but a cold, icy wetness. The kind of wet that gets down your neck if you're not covered by a nice warm woolen scarf (which I am!). I left work early because I was feeling punky and had no real work to do. I came home and fell into a deep sleep. I feel slightly disoriented when I do that.

I brought the camera to work to take some photos of a dollhouse that they use in our Child and Family unit for play therapy. They need more and Pk wants to make some for them. Because I had the camera with me, I took a photo of the new mural in our C&F dept. A local artist, with some funding from the local Starbucks, painted it. It turned an ugly, plain spot at the end of the hall into a comfortable, friendly waiting area. I love it. I love the soft colors and the bunnies reading books on the end.

This is a shot of the hot air balloon that hangs in front of the window in my offi…
Halleluiah!! (I'm never sure exactly how to spell that) I finished the last bit of the holiday knitting, (well at least the stuff I had planned on). What a relief that is. I had no idea how it was bothering me until I cast off on Pk's sock. He told me I should make two more facecloths so I can give my aunts each two but I'm not sure I want to. I have my lace shawl (two, if you count Wildflower which is still waiting for it's edging to be finished and grafted on or for me to figure out how to do a knitted on edging), and the thrummed mittens and I started a new pair of socks with this (I borrowed the image from Roxanne at Arwtalk Sock Club because I seemed to have deleted mine). This is the October yarn based on a painting by Dali called Girl at a Window. As soon as it came, I knew it would be socks for me. I loved the blues and browns together. I started Go With the Flow socks (from 25 Favorites by IK). I think I've used this pattern two or three times and have alw…
Knitting content!! Whhoooohoooo! The photo is a bit dark because it's been raining for the last 24 hours and it's hard to take a good photo. It's that cold rain that you get in the winter when it's not cold enough to snow but precipitation is falling. Since it's been cold here, we'll play the "if this were snow, we'd have over a foot by now" game. We play that game all winter. Of course, it rains more than it snows here. This is a photo of my first finished facecloths. They are intended as a gift for some people who don't read the blog. They probably don't know what a blog is so there's no worries about revealing a secret. They are made of cotton (of course) and are a feather and fan pattern. They feel nice and I now understand the allure. Pk commented on how good they feel and that he might like to have one. I told him after the holidays I'd make some for us. I'm almost finished his socks and then I'm not doin…
On Saturday, Pk, El and I took a trip to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It is home to one of the largest Amish populations in the United States. There are buggys and horses on all of the roads and women in plain dresses with white aprons and hats covering their hair which is always pulled tightly back. I could not bring myself to take anyone's photo. It seemed disrespectful somehow. The Amish are very private. I'm sure that people ask them all the time but I couldn't bring myself to be one of the ignorant. This is a picture of one of the fields we drove by. You can see the hay bales lined up ready to harvest. It's hard to stop for photos. The speed limit is high and there is no place to pull over and then get back on the highway without causing an accident. There are hills (what passes for hills around here!) and sometimes you come around a corner and the vista opens up and you can see the neat squares of fallow fields. It's a nice drive. Our first stop is Clyde Weaver&#…
It's a cold day here in NJ. I am very thankful for my warm, woolen scarf. I wish my thrummed mittens were done but the holiday knitting takes precedence.

I am envious of all of you who can change your blog around with impunity. I've tried to put a picture up behind the title but it's always too big and looks silly. I don't have a flikr acct and maybe that helps? I also am a creature of habit. I wear the same three pair of earrings every day. I wear the same watch and rings. I don't like having to worry about things like that so I just leave them alone. Kinda like the blog. I like clean lines and a minimum of fuss. I did change the color of the header but it went from black to blue so it was not very noticeable. Maybe over the holidays when I have time (although where this time will come from, I don't know) I'll play with it.

I have finished the bulk of the holiday knitting. I want to make some washcloths to go with the lavender goat milk soap I bought for my …
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We had a good day. Pk, El and I travelled to Lancaster and found a new yarn store. It was great fun and an all around good day. I have some photos and I'll tell you all about it tomorrow. Today, I am enjoying the fa…
So, there we were last night, Pk and I having dinner at our local diner. (After the numbness wore off and I was no longer afraid of biting my lips off.) I was working on a sock as we waited to be served and the waitress (the same waitress that told me my toe up sock was "a cute little bag") came over. She looked at me and said, "Well, how's our little knitting coming along?".

"Our little knitting". Funny how three little words could push my buttons. I would never presume to call someone's pasttime "little" no matter what I privately thought of it. It was not meant to be demeaning but somehow it felt like it. I smiled a closed mouth smile and said "just fine, thank you".

I am not by nature a combatitive, confrontational person but it was all I could do not to stab her with my needles (nice sharp knitpicks dpns). But that might get blood on my knitting and that would not be so good.

Oh, well. There are persons of lesser social skill…
This is the sign that is on my front door right now. We generally wrap the door in some bright paper and this sign lets the world know where we stand on the Santa issue. ******************************* I taught my last Crisis Management class of the year this morning. It was a huge class. Everyone in the building has to take the training and there were 8 offered dates spread throughout the year. Of course, everyone waited until the end. It made the class longer but it was interesting. We got some good ideas to add to the trainings for next year. I'll take my trainer class on Feb 9 and then we'll get together and put together a new presentation. But not until February.


I went to see the dentist today. Again. She numbed my mouth and tried valiantly to pry the broken crown out of my mouth. It defeated her. It remains firmly implanted in my jaw. I was really hoping that she would be able to remove it and we could get it repaired. Now it will ha…
We need a little Christmas

Right this very minute Candles in the window

Carols at the spinet,

Yes, we need a little Christmas now. The holiday is upon us and our home is filled with red and green (who decided those were Christmas colors?). The lights are up, snowflakes in the front window and in the upstairs hall. Garlands of starlights in the living room. The little angel is one I call "Anna's angel" because she was given to me by a 68 year old woman with Down's Syndrome who died a few years ago. I knew Anna for a long time and adored her. She prayed for my soul (if there's a heaven and I get there someday, it's solely Anna's doing) and gave me religious statues and pins of the Blessed Mother. (in an aside, when I moved into my office w…