This is the sign that is on my front door right now. We generally wrap the door in some bright paper and this sign lets the world know where we stand on the Santa issue.
I taught my last Crisis Management class of the year this morning. It was a huge class. Everyone in the building has to take the training and there were 8 offered dates spread throughout the year. Of course, everyone waited until the end. It made the class longer but it was interesting. We got some good ideas to add to the trainings for next year. I'll take my trainer class on Feb 9 and then we'll get together and put together a new presentation. But not until February.


I went to see the dentist today. Again. She numbed my mouth and tried valiantly to pry the broken crown out of my mouth. It defeated her. It remains firmly implanted in my jaw. I was really hoping that she would be able to remove it and we could get it repaired. Now it will have to be cut out and I'll have to have a new one made. But not until January. I don't want to spend 1,000 dollars right before Christmas.Since she numbed my mouth ("so I can be aggressive and not worry about hurting you) I'm just waiting for the novocaine to wear off. I hate the way it feels.


I bought this roving a short while ago. It's superwash merino, bamboo and nylon. The name of the color is Eleanor Rigby. I turned it into this.
This is the single.
And this is the plied yarn. I'm always fascinated by how rovings look when they're spun. Ten different spinners will take the same roving and turn out ten different yarns. I think that's one of the coolest parts of spinning. I took these photos with a flash so you can see the bamboo shining through. I can' t wait until the Christmas knitting is over so I can try it out. It weighed in at just over 120g and looks to be mostly fingering weight. I'm thinking I'll divide it into halves and make some toe up socks to see how far it will go.
There is a new group on ravelry that is going to all buy the same roving and then all spin it and knit it up. It'll be interesting to see how differently each person uses their fiber.
Pk just got home and as soon as my numbness wears off, we are going to get some dinner. It was a good day. Despite the darn crown.
***************these are my attempts to keep some kind of paragraph breaks. I don't know why sometimes blogger runs all of the words together into one large block.


Olivia said…
Donna Lee that is beautiful yarn! Just lovely, can't wait to see how it knits up. And I'm so sorry to hear about the dramas with your crown.
Rose Red said…
Ugh - dentist - sorry it's been so yukky for you.

On the bright side - Christmas!

Think the ravelry spinning experiment will be fascinating!
Taphophile said…
Our 10 year old nephew just found out about Santa and is very sad. I just told him what Mum told me, Santa is in the heart of all who believe in the love and peace of Christmas.
Bezzie said…
Maybe you can get the new crown in January just in time for Three Kings Day! Yeah, I'm a dork.
Galad said…
Of course we believe in Santa at our house. Is there another option?

The yarn is really lovely and I can't wait to see what it looks like knit up. I'll try to be patient until after Christmas.

I feel for you with the whole dentist fiasco. Hope this time it will be well and truly fixed.
SwissKnits! said…
Prayers for the tooth issue... I was cringing the whole time I was reading... I can only imagine how *you* feel about it... hugs!!

Please do tell the name of the spinning group on Ravelry doing this cool experiment!!!

Pretty Please?? :)
Dianne said…
Oh, no. At least the dentist didn't break it any more while she was trying to get it out. :/
Amy Lane said…
Ooooooh... baby those are some of my favorite colors right there--and I do hope they helped you out of the dental funk, because that crown thing just sucks!!!

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