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And another one....

This was a winter with little or no snow here in the wilds of Southern New Jersey.  I have listened to the people around me rejoice about this but I am not a happy camper.  In my head, I know less snow is safer (unless it means ice storms) but if it doesn't get cold and freeze over, how are we going to survive the hot summer months?   I need the contrast to help me get through.  
Spring has officially come but the poor bulbs didn't know they still had time to wait and we had many daffodils all blooming the day before we were due for a major winter storm.  I asked Elanor to go out and cut all of the blooming daffs so we wouldn't lose them all to the ice we were anticipating.  The storm was a bust but we had vases and jars of springtime sunshine all through the house.  We made it through St Patrick's Day with only 2 loaves of soda bread.  It was yummy (and there's still a loaf in the freezer).
 In a "swap", I traded these purple hand knit socks for a set of b…