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We had one of those "summer storms" blow through Tuesday night.  Pk and I were at the deli getting sandwiches but they ran out of rolls so we got some lunch meat.  The skies broke open and the rain and hail and wind (70mph) roared through.
When it was over, the sky looked like this.  I went outside because everything was yellow.  It was so eerie.  I took many cloud photos and then this one because the air color seemed to be pink.It was cool and weird at the same time.  Over all we were lucky.  No power outage.  Other folks around us were not so lucky.This is a house in Stratford (just 1/2 mile away).  A small tornado touched down and broke this tree off at the ground line and knocked it onto Kate's mother in law's house.  Everyone is fine, just a bit shook up.  These kind of storms are not unusual this time of year.  Our street had some large llimbs down and leaves everywhere but no major damage.  It comes with the season.  
The most intrusive part of this storm was th…
Good morning and welcome to the Occasional Blog Post.  I am sorry for the long stretches of time between posts.  No excuse here, just LIFE happenning all oveer the place.
Since I talked to you last, I have made some of these.  The clear ones are garlic dill pickles and the brownish ones are bread and butter pickles.  They are both crispy and very flavorful.  
I finished Pete's Architect of Rivendell socks.  I tried to get a good shot but he is not the most patient of foot models.  These are made of Kroy Sock so they should wear like iron.  The gusset is on top of the foot and made for some interesting knitting.  I have heard people swear by this (ignore the basket of clean clothes in the background) but I am not sure I like the design.  The socks are gorgeous with their ribs and arches and were sometimes a bit challenging.  It's good to step out of our comfort zone once in a while. I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned and then to have a tooth prepped to be crowned.  It…