We had one of those "summer storms" blow through Tuesday night.  Pk and I were at the deli getting sandwiches but they ran out of rolls so we got some lunch meat.  The skies broke open and the rain and hail and wind (70mph) roared through.
When it was over, the sky looked like this.  I went outside because everything was yellow.  It was so eerie.  I took many cloud photos and then this one because the air color seemed to be pink.
It was cool and weird at the same time.  Over all we were lucky.  No power outage.  Other folks around us were not so lucky.
This is a house in Stratford (just 1/2 mile away).  A small tornado touched down and broke this tree off at the ground line and knocked it onto Kate's mother in law's house.  Everyone is fine, just a bit shook up.  These kind of storms are not unusual this time of year.  Our street had some large llimbs down and leaves everywhere but no major damage.  It comes with the season.  

The most intrusive part of this storm was the loss of power to our commuter train to Philadelphia.  For the first time in over 20 years, PATCO was not running.  It's an electrical train and one of its power stations went down in the storm.  They kept saying "power will be back by mid morning" so we waited but it wasn't restored until 1 PM.  This means that 30,000+ folks were driving and looking for parking spots.  It's hard enough to park in the city on a good day.  We opted to stay home because going to work after 1 wasn't worth it.  One of my coworkers had to park a mile away and pay 25 dollars.  It's crazy.

And now we are getting ready to have some time off for July 4th.  No big plans for us.   Pk and I will try to go to the lake one day.  And we will eat some of these
tomato slices with fresh mozzarella and basil with olive oil.  Mmmmmm.  Pk's tomato plants are doing well.  He should be harvesting tomatos in a few weeks.  They are the best.  Sweet and juicy.  I can't wait.

But now it's time for lunch.  Yogurt today and an apple.  I have clinic all afternoon so I need to make sure I have enough energy.  I have been dragging all morning (and it seems that lots of other folks are as well).

Have a great weekend everyone.  (I know it's only Thursday but I am looking aheae!)


Olivia said…
Amazing photos.It really does look as if the air itself was coloured and thick. I bet you could feel the storm's electricity in the air just afterwards, too.
Saren Johnson said…
Love the color of the sky.
DrK said…
i have been a little preoccupied so not a good blog commenter im sorry! amazing photos, and scary! look at that tree! im glad everyone's ok. the weather has been pretty good since ive been here this time, although it always surprises me how aussies seem to think it only gets hot down under. in my experience, northern summers are pretty warm! its a shame i didnt get to see you this trip but we have rhinebeck coming up :) xx

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