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We were watching Captain America last night (what a good movie) and I pulled up the NOAA forecast for the weekend.  Pk is supposed to travel to see Em (about an hour with traffic) and I wanted to see if it was going to rain all day or just part of the day.  SNOW!  In October!  This is so weird. 

I'm realistic enough to know that if it does snow, it'll be a dusting at best but all of a sudden it's cold enough to snow and we haven't turned on the heater for the season yet.  And I didn't get the winter clothes out and washed (best laid plans and all). 

I know what I'll be doing this weekend!  Pk isn't feeling well and may end up cancelling for Saturday.  They're supposed to go shooting (at targets at a gun club).  Em and Jim go and she really likes it.  I have never held a gun in my life (I've never actually punched anyone either) and have no idea how they feel.  Em and Pk had a good time mocking me about this.  Good thing I love them both.

This has been a week filled with agida (heartburn).  I've done this job for a long time now (17 yrs here) and I'm fairly good at what I do.  I am patient with people (not so much with knots in my yarn or mechanical things but endlessly patient with human beings) and can usually get along with everyone.  Until this week.  I can't say much except to say I met someone who can turn my equilibrium completely on its head and make me feel bad enough to need extra blood pressure medicine.  And like a dog with a bone, they just can't let it go.  I'm so very glad it's Friday.

Today was the last Aggressive Patient Management group for the year.  Next month we'll plan on how we need to change things for next year (we need to add more about restraining children) and how we'll schedule training.  I'm glad it's over for the year.  It's one day a month from April to October and I usually end up sore and a bit bruised.  I believe in the program but it will be good to not have to think about it for a few months. 

I'll make some chicken soup in the hopes of helping Pk feel better.  If we get home with enough time, I'll put some stuff in the bread machine and make some bread.  Homemade chicken soup and hot bread.  Mmmmm.  Now I'm hungry since lunch was yogurt and bananas.

I had a good group discussion this week about spirituality.  We tend to steer away from spiritual/religious topics in our groups so that no one gets offended.  I wanted to talk about how one's spiritual thoughts can help with stress management and how feeling connected to something larger than oneself can ease some burdens and bring joy.  It went surprisingly well.  We set down the ground rules at the beginning and it took off from there. 

We talked about how sometimes just a place or a person can ease your stress (ever just stand in the middle of the woods or by the ocean?) and how the lack of that can make life seem brittle and dry.  We talked about having relationships of all kinds and it was a good group.  Those are the kind that make me remember why I like group.

Well, we're looking for a nasty weather weekend and Monday is Hallowe'en.  No parties for us this year.  I miss my Aunt Joan most this time of year.  She loved Hallowe'en and we had such fun when the girls were small.  I'll wear my ghost shirt and headband with little ghosts flying over my head and give out candy.  We'll get a few kids unless it continues to rain. 

Do you celebrate Hallowe'en?  If so, do you have any traditions?  Our favorite was the Candy Swap after the trick or treating.  Everyone sits in a circle and tries to trade away the candy they don't like and get something better.  Pk is a wicked good trader.  I let him do my negotiating! 

Like we need more chocolate!


amy said…
It was freezing (literally) when I left the house this morning just past 9 am. The doors on the passenger side were frozen shut. But the patterns of frost on the windshield were so beautiful--fernlike, or leaflike--that I had to take pictures before they melted (I'd turned the car on to try to unfreeze those doors!). The snow stayed north of us, but I need to get my oldest a new winter coat, soon. He outgrew his.

Sorry about the Difficult Person. It's especially hard when it's the variety of Difficult Person that can't be ignored or avoided. Good luck.
Rose Red said…
Snow! And here today it is supposed to be 28C (I think that's about 75-80F?). Swings and roundabouts!

Glad you hd a good group discussion about spirituality. Sorry about That Person though. Hope they wake up to themselves and your blood pressure goes back to normal.
Jejune said…
Goodness, snow already?!

Crap about the terror at your work, I hope they're not a long-term fixture ...

We don't really celebrate Halloween in Australia at all, although the supermarkets have been pushing it heavily in the past few years (with profits in mind). The population isn't really responding, LOL ... I usually get in a few lollies to hand out just in case (we sometimes get 2 or 3 trick or treaters), but last year there was no-one.

I used to enjoy it a lot when I lived in the States, though :)
Kaye said…
See, when I was a kid, if it hadn't snowed before Halloween, something was wrong. I'm so excited!!!
Roxie said…
Snow? Eeeeeee! Hope it falls lightly and melts fast.

As for the pain at work, Maybe it's something bad in their life that they can't deal with, but actually has nothing to do with you. I worked with a woman who turned into a raging bitch for months and no one knew why. Turns out her husband had left her for his massage therapist. She wasn't about to share THAT with her co-workers.

Or, it might be the result of new meds, or a small stroke. You are a warm,wonderful human being,competent and caring, and you deserve NO SHIT!

Chicken soup is prescribed for both of you, then hugs and snuggles and an early bedtime. Hope you both feel better soon.

Our neighbors go to great lengths to decorate,and we give out full-size candy bars. We ran out of candy at 70kids last year, and had to turn out the porch light.
Anonymous said…
snow already, that seems to have come around awful fast. im so sorry to hear about the work thing. i hope it gets sorted and you look after yourself. happy halloween too :)
Bells said…
I actually went to a halloween party last night - very unusual for me since it's just an inherited holiday here and not anything meaningful for me. But it was fun to dress up and be goulish even for a few hours.
Amy Lane said…
We decorated the house a lot this year--I'd forgotten how many decorations we'd accrued! And I'm sorry you have a prickweenie in your life. I've had those... they're so very hard on our hearts, aren't they? But I hope the chicken soup worked with PK, and I love your ideas in your spirituality group, and I do end up with the most lovely moments of serenity and kindness when I come to your blog.
Sheepish Annie said…
We got about five inches of the white stuff here and it's still on the ground! Kids are out there in costumes tonight and having to deal with snowbanks. Madness, I tellya!!!
KnitTech said…
Hope you've recharged. How much snow did you get?

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