This has been an odd weekend here.  Let's start with Friday.

We managed to get Pk a new phone by sheer luck.  He called around and no one in the area seemed to have the phone he wanted to get.  He sent me a text about 3 pm letting me know we could go home.  I thought it was impossible that NO ONE had a phone in stock (although I do realize they're a popular item) so I started making phone calls of my own.  I found a store a few blocks from where we work that had them but we had to get there soon.  I called him and told him to drop everything and go to the store and get in line.  I put away my things and hopped on a bus and met him there.  We waited about a half hour and it only took about 15 minutes for them to hook him up.

He's thrilled.

Then we got home and I discovered that our ATM card has been compromised and I called the bank to cancel it and get a new one.  They said we could get a temporary card and they were sending me one out immediately.  We just had to go to the bank and get some cash.  It might not have been the smartest thing to cancel the card when I had 3 dollars in cash in my wallet!

We got to the bank after they closed so we couldn't even cash a check.  It was home for some hastily prepared dinner.  I was feeling anxious all night.  It's been a long time since we have been at the mercy of the banker's hours.

Saturday morning, I dropped Kate and Peter Kevin off at the trail head and headed back to the bank.  I declined the temporary card (it could get confusing with the new numbers) but did manage to get some cash. 

I went to the grocery store and then to the salon to get my hair cut.  Just trimmed and shaped so it can continue to look professional since I have to go to work while it's growing out.

Patrick picked up Kate and Pk and boy were they sore.  This was a test hike for them to see if they could do an overnight with full pack.  Um, no.  Not yet.  They're not in shape for that.  They had a good day and Pk came home happy for having spent the day in the woods.  I made some escarole soup and grilled sandwiches for dinner and we had a quiet night.

Today we got up and went to the flea market in Columbus.  Did you ever plan to do something but then the day dawns and you just don't feel good?  Today was that day for me.  I woke at 4 am with a headache.  I took something and tried to go back to sleep but only dozed.  When it was time to get up and moving, my head was still throbbing but going was my idea and Pk loves Columbus.

too many people
 It was too much.  Too much sun, too much noise, too many people, too many smells (people really should stop wearing so much cologne).  Everything hurt my head.  We wandered around a bit but I finally couldn't take it any more.  We did find the cell phone cover we were looking for and then left. (I also saw someone selling 4 medium skeins of red heart yarn in a box for 10 dollars.  Not a bargain)  Pk took me to breakfast and we came home and I took a nap while he went and got a haircut.  The laundry is going (oops, I forgot.  I have to go and move it along!) and I have a roast chicken in the oven for dinner.

 I used some leftover cornbread and some sausage and made some stuffing.  It's yummy.  Warm and filling.  Comfort food.  My head feels better, the headache is there-just in the background.  I think it's hormonal.

I had my period about a week ago but my breasts were still sore (sorry TMI) so I knew it was going to be one of those months.  I think I'm going to have another period in less than a week.  This makes me prone to nasty headaches.  But all the bloodwork shows this is not perimenopause.  It's just old lady weirdness.

We tried hot buttered rum for the first time today and we love it.  Have you ever made it?  It's easy and absolutely wonderful.  My body feels warm from the inside out.  I am not much of a drinker but this will be nice to have in the winter when it's cold and you just can't get warm.
Here's the easy recipe I found online

Simmer 3/4 brown sugar, 2 c water, pinch of salt, 3 tbl butter, 2 cinnamon sticks, 3 or 4 whole cloves and a pinch of salt together for about an hour.  Add 2/3 c rum.
Put it into 3 small mugs or 2 larger ones and top with fresh whipped cream.

Oh my goodness.  This is delicious.  And about a million calories but calorie is also a measure of heat, right?

I have to start getting our winter clothes out and washed.  We still have some temperate days but that could change literally overnight.  If I plan it right, I can do one load each day until they're all done. 

So, that's my weekend.  How was yours?


amy said…
I read in a magazine recently (Real Simple, I think) that peppermint essential oil can help with a headache--a drop to a teaspoon of carrier oil (I used safflower) and then dab it around the scalp & temples. Combined with ibuprofen, it warded off a migraine, which ibuprofen can't do alone, so I deemed it helpful. My homeopath also recommended B vitamins for headache--he said to take B6 and magnesium. Another friend swears by the magnesium when she feels a migraine coming on. So, some things to try, can't hurt, might help.
KnitTech said…
How did you find out about the ATM card?

Hope you're better now.
Roxie said…
Bummer about the ATM card. Hope that gets fixed soon.

Hooray for PK for hiking! You have the sweetest girls. Did you know that Em sent me a skein of lovely yellow yarn to brighten my winter? You raised some splendid young women!

So sorry about the headache. Going to a fleamarket when all you really want is a dark room and a warm blanky makes you one hell of a good sport in my book. Hope it all goes away before work.
Bells said…
I second what Amy says about peppermint oil and a headache. I've found it really works!

Love that they did a test run on the hiking. Good idea!
Amy Lane said…
sorry about the headache-- I hate days like that. Some days you just need to curl up and pull the covers over your head! With your description, even the picture was too bright!

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