I'm sitting at my desk at work enjoying the bit of quiet that is early morning around here.  My office mate will be here in a few minutes and he is not always quiet.

I'm sorry for the radio silence the past week.  I have two blog posts that I started and just didn't post.  No, nothing is wrong.  Everyone is fine and I'm fine, too.  I just had nothing to say.  (I know!)

Things here are quiet and normal and just plain ol' life.  I am not complaining.  I'll take normal over exciting any day.  I've been missing Hobbes.  I see him everywhere I go.  For a cat that really liked to be left alone, he made his presence (and now his absence) felt.  It doesn't hurt with the sharp pain of the newly lost but with wistful sadness.

I have been busy at work this week catching up from being sick last week.  My clients still have needs even if I'm not here and sometimes they're not all that patient.  I understand the urgency but come on, now.  If you wait until you've put the last pill in your mouth to notice that you have no refills, your odds of getting more before the next dosage is due can be pretty slim. 

I am trying to let my hair grow.  A bit.  Maybe to my chin/shoulders.  Pk likes it longer (although he seems to forget that when he met me, I had short hair) and I'm trying to humor him.  My stylist is helping but I have to get through all these awkward stages and I'm not sure I have the patience for it.  So, I'm putting it out there.  Maybe if I tell someone else, I'll have the fortitude to stick it out.  So, you like how I made it sound like I'm some kind of warrior?  It's hair.  I can handle it.  Right now, we are letting the top grow and cutting the bottom to make them more even. 

Roxie asked what it was like in our part of the world right now.  Here in the MidAtlantic States, we are experiencing one of the wettest spring/summer/falls ever.  Every time there is a rainstorm predicted, the Flood Warning signs go up.  The ground is sodden and it doesn't take much to have mud puddles.  We have clay soil which seems to allow the water to run right off and then to be cracked and dry looking the next day no matter how much rain we get.

It's been raining/windy for the past three days.  It's clearing up for the weekend and the temps are predicted to only be around 60 for the high.  Fall is definitely here.  The leaves are changing but so slowly.  You can see a patch of red/gold/orange here and there but nothing major.  If the wind picks up, it'll blow the leaves off and our fall will not be as colorful as it could be.

The a/c is still on in my building and I'm sitting here freezing.  I have on a long sleeved shirt with a long sleeved t shirt underneath and I'm getting ready to put on the fleece that lives on the back of my chair.  What a waste of power. 

Today I will be preparing for Monday's clinics.  I have to go through the charts of the folks scheduled to come in and make sure the paperwork is all up to date.  Then I make sure they have been called.  I write any treatment plans that are due and update any other paperwork.  I have 12 clients to take care of for Monday.  If I'm really good, I'll get to Tuesday as well (only 6 for Tuesday).  Then, I have to write notes on my Social Rehab clients (I am way behind in them.  No one reads them and I have nothing to say about most of my folks).  Then, I'll work on any other treatment plans that are due in October since we are rapidly approaching the end of the month.  I'll answer the phone and try to put out any small fires before they become major conflagrations.  Somewhere in there, I'll eat lunch and hopefully find time to go to the bathroom.

After work today, we're going to buy Pk a new iphoneS.  He is so excited.  He's been having a conversation with his old phone for the past two weeks.  I goes something like this:
PK: Ha!  Only 23 1/2 more hours and I will be rid of you, you piece of crap device"
Phone:  (pitiful silence)

He declined to take half a day in order to get to the store quicker so we'll be there at the end of the day.

Tomorrow Pk and Kate are going hiking.  I'm dropping them off in the woods and Patrick is picking them up at the end of the day. I'll use my day to go shopping and maybe I'll treat myself to a mani/pedi.  I haven't done that in a long time.  Anyone have any plans for the upcoming weekend? 

I hope you are all having normal and quiet lives.


Rose Red said…
A mani/pedi sounds lovely! I might have to treat myself to one of those very soon! Such a luxury now!

I have a day at home today without the small person for part of it, so I shall be vacuuming and maybe sewing. And tomorrow we have a joint birthday brunch for husby and a friend, so that should be nice. And very warm weather! Also nice!
amy said…
Oh, I grew my hair long the easy way: I just never bothered to get it cut. And think of all the money I've saved...

Crazy weekend again. I'm tired just contemplating it, really.
Roxie said…
I found that accessories help with the grow out. Clips, hairbands, And since it's cold in the office, maybe you could just pull on a hat.

Hugs to PK! I hope he loves his new phone.

Your clients are lucky to have you, because to you, they are people, not recurring problems. Every day, in little ways, you are saving their lives.

Have a splendid day shopping. Buy something frivolous, and do get that mani-pedi! You're entitled to a good pamper!

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