Happy November 1st.  It was dark this morning.  Not just dark but DARK.  As in the street lights were still on when we left the house.  It's a bit cloudy today so that contributed to the gloom but the end of Daylight Savings Time can't come fast enough for me.

I have been thinking about November and have decided I want to do a series of photos (probably one each day) that show what the world around me looks like.  I carry my camera with me in my purse but I don't pull it out as often as I would like to.  Sometimes I'm just conscious of looking silly taking a photo of an ordinary thing but I'll try to get past that.  The posts will have to be done at home since my work computer won't allow me to upload photos. 

For today, I present My Neighbor's Trees.  It looks like one large tree but in reality, it's two beautiful trees. Seen from our house, they blend together.  They've finally started to blaze with color.  It's been slow to change around here this year.  The weather has been uneven and very wet.  And then it snowed over the weekend and we had a hard frost on Sunday night.  We expected the trees to lose most of their leaves before changing colors.  I'm glad to be wrong.  We had a glorious day today after the clouds burned off.  You can see that the grass is still green and lush after all the rain. 

We had a good Candy Swap with my brother's children.  Pk managed to give away more candy than he got (our real purpose!) and everyone had a good time.  My niece's friend is a fiber artist.  Her mother bought an old spinning wheel and they are making it work.  We spoke about fiber and spinning and knitting. 

So, here it is November and hopefully I'll show you a bit more of my world in the next 30 days. 


amy said…
Oh, yay! Looking forward to it, Donna Lee!
Kaye said…
Sounds like you made out better than we did. Sigh. All our trees that looked like that are toast now.
Roxie said…
When I see someone taking a picture of something ordinary, I just look for the extraordinary beauty I missed at first glance. And ya know what? I usually find it! Eagerly anticipating those photos!
Bells said…
looking forward to what you're going to show!

i love that tree every year when you post it!
Galad said…
What fun to share a little piece of your world!
KnitTech said…
Some of our trees are bare, while others are protected and the chilly wind can't reach them.

Can't wait to see the changes this month brings.

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