Today I haz a sad.  Pk and I had to have Hobbes put to sleep yesterday.

He had been losing weight and we thought he might have tape worm ( we saw him eating something he killed and this is a common result) so we dosed him with medicine and waited to see what happened.
He seemed to rally on Saturday and was moving around and eating/drinking.  We breathed a sigh of relief and figured we'd take him for a check up in a few days.

Sunday he had taken a sharp turn for the worse.  He was limp and unresponsive.  We called the emergency vet and took him right in.

They were wonderful.  They told us he had a mass in his abdomen and they were going to do blood tests, xrays and other diagnostics.  We asked if they were going to be able to fix him.  They hemmed and hawed and finally said they didn't think so.

We opted not to put him through useless and possible painful treatment and held him as they injected the euthanasia drugs into his catheter.  He kept his eyes on me and I saw the moment his spirit left his body.  We brought him home and buried him next to his brother and our other cats/hamsters/guinea pigs.  One day someone else will live here and wonder about all the animal bones in the yard but you outlive a lot of animals in 30 years.

We sat around and decided to watch movies.  Unfortunately, we chose Independence Day (Will Smith) and forgot how emotional parts of it are.  I sobbed through most of it.  We watched cartoons after dinner.  Much better choice.

Hobbes' tumor must have been a fast growing thing because a few weeks ago, he was fine.  He was not a lovey cat.  He was fiercely independent and tolerated us for our opposable thumbs.  I think he would have been way happier if he had been able to grow some himself.

Our favorite game was the "look at me Hobbes" game.  Someone would hold him and try to make him make eye contact. It wasn't easy and Hobbes usually won.

He was an ornery, pain in the ass, bad boy.  And we loved him all the more for it (we do love our bad boys don't we?)  He will be remembered and missed forever.

Good bye Hobbers.


amy said…
I'm sorry. And I don't blame you a bit for forgoing the tests. It sounds like he had a good long love-filled life.
Julie said…
Awwww. I'm sorry. :(
Roxie said…
Hugs, my dear. You were good to your Hobbes and gave him the best life he could have had. It's ok to cry when you're sad, and it probably did you good. I'm sending intense cookie vibes to you. Everything is more bearable with a cookie.
LindyB said…
So sorry to hear that.
Love from me, licks from Midge and special bum wiggles and tummy tickles from Prince Benji xxx
drkknits said…
oh im so sorry to hear about hobbes, he sounds like a fantastic cat. i wouldnt put my dogs through that treatment either - i had to have one put down after shed been poisoned a few years ago and it was the saddest day of my life. lots of hugs k xx
Sheepish Annie said…
I am so very sorry for your loss. Hobbes will be greatly missed. So hard to think of him as not being a part of your posts anymore. I always thought he had the most wonderful kitty name.
Bells said…
Losing a pet is awful. One that's been with you for a long time, loved and part of the family - well that's just very sad. Goodbye Hobbes!
Kaye said…
I'm so sorry. Your post made me tear up remembering my McDoodlecat. Putting them to sleep is such a bittersweet thing.
Big hugs.
Rose Red said…
I'm so sorry to read about Hobbes. I haz a sad for you too.
Olivia said…
I'm so sorry Donna Lee and PK. It is sad how we outlive our pets, but then good how we can take care of them their whole lives.
Louiz said…
I'm so sorry, sounds like a well loved cat:(
Galad said…
Thinking of you and hole in your home with a Hobbes not in it. He was fortunate to have a family that understood his independence and loved him all the same. You gave him a dignified and peaceful passing. Hugs to you both

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