And now on today's episode of the Saga of the Tooth,

We find our heroine sitting at her desk at work. The crown is still in her mouth. She ponders the irony of the fact that when she wants the crown to stay in her mouth, it falls out when she eats a piece of bread. Yesterday when the dentist used the "tapping thingy" to remove the crown, it clung on for dear life. She sighs. It figures.

Yes, the crown is still in my mouth. The dentist smoothed out the rough edges so it won't scrape my tongue. She tried and tried to get it out. She thinks it can go back and be remade because it shouldn't have broken. It's only 2 years old. It has to last me for another 3 years before the insurance company will pay for another one. She told me to eat everything sticky I could think of for the next two weeks and see if I can convince it to come out. If it doesn't come out, it will have to be cut out and then it can't be saved.

So bring on the MaryJanes and the taffy. Let's see, what else do I avoid because I'm afraid of pulling out my crowns? This should be fun.

There has been spinning and some christmas knitting. I am moving along at a slow and steady pace. What gets done, gets done. The spinning is improving and is becoming more enjoyable except for the spot between my shoulders from sitting hunched over!

Have a good Friday everyone. We're in for some nasty weather this weekend. All the better to play with the fibers.


Roxie said…
Stretch, slowly, and often. Arms overhead and lean back in your chair. Then stand up, grasp your left thumb with your right hand behind your back and slowly push your hands down while raising your chin. Hold each stretch for a count of twenty and remember to breathe. Set a timer and stretch every twenty minutes.
Dianne said…
Oh, I just hate it when they use that tapping thing to remove a crown. Ugh. My all-time favorite way to mess up dental work is jujubees - you know, those teeny tiny candies that are hard as a rock, yet incredibly gummy and sticky. Yum! I haven't had any since my last broken crown. That was an expensive box of jujubees. :/
Galad said…
I pulled out a crown on those Peanut Butter Kisses they have at Halloween. Carmel apples are another one I avoid. Hope it all comes out ok and you get a free replacement.

Playing with fiber sounds like the perfect way to spend the weekend. Have fun.

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