I totally stole this from Joan.

You Should Be a Mechanic
You are logical, calm, and detail oriented.
You're rational when things are chaotic, and for you, reason always prevails.
And while you are guided by logic, you aren't a slave to it.
You're flexible when it counts. You are always open to being wrong.

You do best when you:

- Work with your hands
- Can use tools, machines, or equipment

You would also be a good architect or carpenter.

It's actually a pretty accurate snapshot of me. Although my family might question the whole "can use tools, machines and equipment" part. Spinning wheels and knitting needles are tools, right?
Hope your day is going well. The country seems to be running on adrenaline today at the possibilities for change in January. I hope we're all not disappointed.


Sheepish Annie said…
I should be a politician! How very topical...

And I'm sending you a big (belated) Happy Birthday!!!
Bezzie said…
Me too.

A mechanic eh? Impressive--I have no patience to be a mechanic!
Roxie said…
I should be a doctor. Interesting. I looked at some of the other options and realized that they DON'T all apply to everyone. I don't have the physical stamina to be a doc, though.

Were you at all interested in the pink one with bubbles?

Thank goodness we don't have to grow up quite yet.
Galad said…
Mine came out as the doctor too. Glad I don't have to make life decisions based on an internet quiz :-)
Julie said…
I did this quiz and it said I should be a poltician.

I think I'm offended. Haha.

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