When I got home from work yesterday, this was what awaited me. PK and Elanor and Kate were blowing up balloons and stringing crepe paper and ribbons around the living room for my birthday. It's one of my favorite birthday traditions. Most occasions are enhanced by the addition of balloons! I slept in and then showered, had breakfast and went off and voted. No lines, no waiting. Just a quick in and out. They didn't even ask me for identification. I came home and watched the rain come. It was soft rain, the kind that you can't really see but you can hear.
And there was knitting. I was alone in the house for most of the day. I listened to a good courtroom mystery/drama on my mp3 player and worked on my lace. I knit several repeats but boy does it take a long time to grow. I guess it's the thinness of the yarn. It looks quite nice and I think I will like it when it's done. It's a really simple shawl and the blue/grey/green combination is one that I really like.
It was only Pk and Elanor and I for dinner so we went out. I was going to cook but when they said "do you want to go out?", you had to twist my arm really hard. We went to Red Lobster and had good seafood. It always surprises me that they have such consistent quality in their food because they're a chain. I usually steer away from chain restaurants but we make an exception for them. They didn't disappoint. The service was adequate but my crabcakes were great.
We're home and the evening is slipping away quickly. I've managed to avoid listening to the news all day and have only just now turned on the computer. It was an unplugged kind of day. I won't be staying up to hear the end results. I've felt bombarded by 2 years of near constant electioneering and cannot stand another minute. I'm just glad it's all over even if I had to share my birthday with the election.
I hope you all had a good day. Now that I'm 51 (I checked and blogger has updated my age to reflect the day, they are very efficient when they want to be!), I have to start thinking of myself as "in my early 50's". Well, I've got a few years to wrap my brain around that.
Back to work tomorrow. Sigh.
eta: one of my favorite web comics is called Questionable Content. Check out today's strip.


Olivia said…
Happy Birthday Donna Lee! That day with the house to yourself sounds heavenly.
Galad said…
Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a very nice day. Too bad you aren't in Phoenix at Nicole's Red Lobster. She would make sure you got top notch service!

The shawl is looking lovely so far. Hope this pattern works out for you.
Rose Red said…
Happy Birthday! How lovely - a day to yourself AND balloons! I think you are so right - balloons really do make an occasion!
Bells said…
Happy birthday donna Lee! Balloons and alone time - great gifts!
Bezzie said…
Happy Birthday!!

Yes, as Alaskan seafood snobs, we only trust Red Lobster seafood--I understand what you mean! Plus those cheddar biscuits--YUM!
SwissKnits! said…
Happy Birthday!
The lace looks so yummy, I love the colors, and I look forward to a FO photo shoot.
Mmmm crab cakes are one of my favorites too.
Louiz said…
Happy Birthday! You have the same birthday as Himself, so I won't forget it next year. Sounds like you had an enjoyable day.
Dianne said…
I'm glad you had a nice, relaxing Birthday!
Roxie said…
Glorious felicitations on the anniversary of your natal event. May you celebrate many, joyful repetitions of the occasion!

Squeeee!!I LOVE balloons!!
Amy Lane said…
Happy Birthday--it sounds lovely! (And the shawl is lovely too:-)
BigCat said…
Happy Belated Birthday to you. It sounds like you had a lovely day.

You knitting looks lovely.

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