Here's hoping that the day will come when these will become a curiosty and not something that we all instantly recognize.

My dad served in Korea and my husband spent 6 years in the Navy. Neither was harmed and for that I am grateful.

Today is our chance to say thanks to the men and women who serve. All of them, all over the world.

Thank you.


amy said…
My senior year of college we had classes on Veterans' Day and one of my professors (one of my favorites, actually) was disgusted. He cancelled our class and told us our assignment was to buy a beer for a Veteran. I happened to be working the night of Veterans' Day--I was a waitress--and one of our vendors was a Veteran. We were always his last delivery and he'd sit at the bar and have a beer and chat a bit--very nice guy. So when he sat down I got him his beer and said, "This is on me. Thank you for being a veteran." He teared up a little, and told me he'd served in Vietnam and as he traveled home--in uniform--he got nothing but hate and venom from the people here. And he wasn't even old enough at the time to buy himself a beer.

I was hoping to bring the kids to the parade today, but it's a little chilly and I didn't want to wake the baby to bring her to stand outside. Next year.
Sheepish Annie said…
It seems so inadequate to give only a day to honor those who serve. But it certainly does remind us to be appreciative!!
Bezzie said…
The funniest has to be Chunky. They had a veteran come in today to talk to their class. He was SO AMAZED to meet a "real" veteran.

I had to gently remind him that his grandma and two of his grandpas wore combat boots and he had met them.

"Yeah but mom, they didn't have their SUIT on!" Hee hee!

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