Well, it's November 1st (only three more days until the election, in case you're not paying attention and need reminding) and although the obligatory blogging is over, I found myself turning on the computer to blog this morning. I remember reading somewhere that it only takes 3 weeks to form a habit so maybe this everyday blogging has become a habit. This is the Meandering Vines lace I was working on (before I got up to give the trick or treaters candy and dropped it on the floor and lots of stitches fell off the needles and unravelled amid lots of cursing and bad words). It's been frogged and I'm thinking I don't like it after all. (Maybe my subconscious mind dropped it on purpose?). The yarn is too thin to pick up the pattern of wandering yo's and k2tog. The designer used two strands held together but said it wasn't necessary. I think maybe it is necessary if you want the pattern to show up well. So, I'm off to search for another pattern.

We went to my brother's house last night for post Hallowe'en dinner and candy swap. It was a much scaled down version of our usual holiday tradition but that's inevitable as my children grew up and have their own interests (and jobs) to consider. What happens is this: the trick or treaters all dump their haul onto the floor and pick out their favorites and put them back into their bags. The rest they trade back and forth until everyone has gotten rid of the candy they don't like so much. It's fun and often loud. Pk gets into the fun as much as the kids. He always remembers my favorites and tries to trade and get some for me. Then we had pumpkin pie. MMMMM. I love fall. Somehow, I don't think of pumpkin pie any other time of year. Maybe it's the orange color.

These socks are ones I finished a while ago and I love them. They're the Saucy pattern and it knits up very narrow. Kate didn't like the way they fit and she has the skinniest feet in the house. On a whim, I took them to my sister in law last night and not only did they fit but she loved them. I'm glad they found a home. Socks aren't really happy unless they are being worn and loved. I think the design is vaguely celtic which pleases my sil because she is very into her Irish heritage. My niece said "mama, can I have them when you outgrow them?". I guess you can figure out that that was my cue to find some brightly colored sock yarn in the stash and start a pair for her! Something simple and girly with stripes.

I am soooooo glad we weren't there for the Phillies' parade yesterday. The reports of 6 hour waits for trains just made me cringe. Knitting or not, I would not want to stand in line for 6 hours. I think I would have called a cab and paid to have myself driven the 10 miles home.

Well, I've put off the cleaning/laundry chores long enough. I've been quiet so the party going children could sleep in after their late night but if I sit here much longer, nothing will get done.

Have a good Saturday!


amy said…
I'm so glad the Phillies won though. That's because their opponent, those upstart Rays, beat my Sox. I wanted the RI boy (Rocco Baldelli) to have a good series but for the team to lose. I know, we're bitter and vengeful here in New England.

Enjoy your weekend! I can't believe it's already November.
Bezzie said…
I hear you--for some reason drinking apple cider after Thanksgiving is something I can't do!

I like the idea of a candy swap--very cool!
Galad said…
I used to to do the candy swap with some other friends in my neighborhood. It was great fun.

Hope you find a pattern you really like!
Bells said…
that's how I felt yesterday - the day didn't feel right without a blog post and so I did one anyway. I'm going to try hard not to do one today. I had been thinking about the habit forming issues too - maybe I'll try and apply it to other things in my life, like exercise!

Sorry about the shawl - I reckon you might be right though. Maybe it's time to choose something else. I've tended to keep away from the ones that say yarn held double. It freaks me out.
Amy Lane said…
Lovely socks... seriously--that picture makes my feet warm! I've actually got a UFO of socks that just seemed too narrow... I should go back and finish those!
Roxie said…
The yarn - ahhh, the yarn! The silk gives it such a glorious sheen. I just want to snuggle it!

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