It's Sunday evening and the weekend is almost over. Almost. I can see a faint golden glow through the trees out of my back window. Dinner is in the crockpot and will be done in about an hour. I also roasted a turkey for our annual Thanksgiving luncheon for our clients at work tomorrow. The hospital provides all the sides (potatoes, stuffing, veggies and gravy) and volunteers cook the turkeys. I cooked mine this afternoon and as soon as it's cool, I'll cut it up and put it into a disposable pan to take back to work tomorrow. I never mind cooking the turkey except it's so heavy to drag home on the train and awkward to drag back on Monday. And it makes my kitchen smell so good all afternoon. It's hard not to want to eat it.

I managed to get the chores done yesterday with some help from the girls and PK. He and I went to the produce store and the buy-things-in-bulk-store and the local grocery store yesterday and then put all of the groceries away. It took a while but if the zombies come, we have food. I got all of the things we need for our traditional Thanksgiving meal. The pies will be baked on Wednesday night and the cornbread for the stuffing will be baked then, too. Sometime before Thursday, I have to make some cranberry fruit relish but that's relatively easy. I like to cook so I never mind spending this time in the kitchen. The house is clean and the laundry got done so we have clean underwear (a very important thing).

So, Sunday got to be a craft/recharge the battery day. Pk is outside doing something with wood and I spent the day playing with fiber.

I work on my christmas gift socks on the train and during the week at home. But on weekends, I spend time with my North Sea Shawl (from the book Folk Shawls). It's grown and is coming along nicely. The ends are done separately and grafted together. I'm glad I learned the kitchener stitch from doing all those socks! I have finished Lace section 1 and 2 and am working on the middle piece. Then it goes onto the waste yarn and I do section 1 and 2 again and the grafting begins. When it's finished, I'm pulling out the Wildflowers shawl and finishing that one. I'm about a third through the edging and then it's a lot of sewing. I like the colors on this one. The little bits of green just show up and make it look like the sea.

I have also been spinning today. Pk chose this roving at the Garden State Sheep Show and there should be enough for a sweater, or at least I hope so. It's very soft, a merino blend (I think-the label is lacking in any detail other than maker) and is spinning up easily. I washed this and whacked it to get an idea of what it would look like. He likes it so it's all good. Looking at all the handspun yarns online has given me confidence. Spinning has given me great enjoyment. Now, if I had bigger bobbins so I could have larger's always something! I just ordered some superwash roving from A Piece of Vermont so I can try to spin some yarn for socks. What fun to make socks from my own handspun.

This is a short work week for us. Thursday is a national holiday and I took off Friday. There will be no shopping on Friday, just maybe a drive through the woods and some time spent enjoying the company of my family. Probably some knitting and maybe, just maybe some spinning. I am looking forward to it.

Well, dinner smells done so I'm off to carve the turkey for tomorrow and empty the crock pot for dinner. Have a peaceful Sunday evening and a smooth start to the work week.


BigCat said…
Your shawl looks beautiful. I love the pattern and the colour.

I'm in need of a recharge day too I think. I should block some time out.
Rose Red said…
it's lunch time as I read this and now I'm really hungry!

And I reckon if you've got plenty of clean underwear you can pretty much cope with anything!
Bells said…
"something with wood" - that made me chuckle.

If the zombies come, will PK have something ready to attack them that's made out of wood, too?
Galad said…
I love how the shawl is coming along. It is really lovely.
Bezzie said…
Your weekend sounded like mine--grocery shopping on Saturday, relaxing on Sunday!
amy said…
Well, we grocery shopped on Saturday but no time for relaxing on Sunday. And I didn't even get one bathroom cleaned. I love the colors of your sea shawl--they're just perfect for the sea. And I have no motivation to do ANYTHING this week, evidenced by the fact that it's past 8 am and none of us have eaten breakfast and I haven't even begun thinking about herding Vaughan towards today's lessons.
Roxie said…
Lovely sunday! Lovely shawl!
Blessings on your turkey!
teabird said…
Your shawl - what beauty! You're so organized for Thanksgiving, too. Amazing.

No shopping on Friday, indeed - except, perhaps, a book store? It might be fun to curl up in the cafe and watch people begin to consider what their loved ones would like to play with, or read. I've been known to sidle up to people who look puzzled and offer suggestions. It's the least a librarian can do!

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