I have this weird inner-ear thing that I've had since I was a kid.  My parents were not "go-to-the-doctors-for-everything" kind of people so I just dealt with it as best as I could.  It wasn't until I was in college and one of my roomates got nervous and made me go to the infirmary that they told me this had a name (labrynthitis) and that I could take something for it.

It strikes when I've had some sinus issues and usually a pill will make it bearable (the room spins round and round).  Every once in a while, I get a bout bad enough to make me spend a day flat on my back and yesterday was one of those days. 

I woke up about 2:30 in the morning, rolled over and felt the dizziness, and took some meclizine and went back to sleep.  Usually, this means I'll wake up feeling a bit tired but ok.  Not this day.  I woke up Saturday morning and couldn't walk a straight line.  I took the maximum dose of meclizine and some decongestant and some xanax (the Mayo clinic website said they have good results with benzodiazepenes so I tried and I think it helped) and managed to spend most of the day in the twilight zone.  Not really asleep but not nearly awake either.  It was so weird.  But no dizziness.  If you've never felt dizzy like this, you can't imagine how awful it feels.  It brings on nausea and headaches and you feel like everything is spinning round and round and round. 

Today, I am just tired.  The labrynthitis makes my brain tired and I spend most of the day just sitting around.  I managed to go and get a pedicure this morning and put some baked beans in the crockpot so Pk could have beans and weenies for dinner but that was about it.  I dozed most of the rest of the day away. 

And now I have to fold one more load of laundry and get my things together for work tomorrow.  Thankfully, it's not an overly busy day. 

Pk took good care of me, mostly just leaving me alone as I asked.  I don't like people to hover and he let me sleep in the chair in the living room for over 2 hours yesterday afternoon.  Slug.  I was/am a slug.  But I'm perfectly ok with that.  I think our bodies make us do what we need and sometimes we need to just sleep.  I was so tired after Handle with Care on Friday.  We went to the bookstore after work and then had some dinner and came home.  I was falling asleep by 8:00. 

And here it is almost 9 and I'm falling asleep again.  So, I think I'll listen to my body and put myself to bed after I get the laundry out of the dryer.  I hope you all had a good weekend.  Was there really a weekend in there?  I think I slept through it.


Roxie said…
Oh,sweetie -how miserable! I have read of treatment for labrinthineitus that involves the patient being secured to chair that can be tilted and turned every which way, so the doctor can rotate the whole patient until all the dizzy bits fall someplace harmless. Of course, the next Handle With Care session will shake them loose again. Anyhow, there are worse ways to have a lost weekend. Hope things are better today.
amy said…
I'm glad you're feeling better today, given your Draconian sick-day policy, but I'm sorry you lost a weekend. Sometimes it can't be helped though. The body needs what the body needs.
Saren Johnson said…
When I was a kid, I could lay on the bed, close my eyes and the room would spin and spin. Thankfully I've grown out of it mostly.

(hugs) Feel better.
Rose Red said…
Oh that dizziness is just awful. You just want to lie down and close your eyes, but that makes it about a thousand times worse.
Sorry you pretty much lost your weekend, but glad you are feeling better now.
DrK said…
ugh i felt dizzy just reading about your dizzy. i came home from baltimore with a bad sinus infection and it made me a bit dizzy but not like that. antibiotics helped, at least. hope you've got plenty of rest and are taking it easy.
bells said…
oh i know of a few people with this and it's really quite awful and often debilitating.

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