When I was a little girl, my grandmother used to tell me the reason I got bit by so many mosquitos is that I was so sweet.  I now know that brunettes are more likely to get bit than blondes and that's why I came home from the park last Sunday night covered in bites and Pk had not one.  (Most of the bites are normal sized but one blew up into an enormous itchy welt that hurt.  Gotta love mosquitos)

He and Kate and I went to sit by the river.  I introduced Kate to the fibers prepared by Joan at The Cupcake Fiber Co and she fell in love.  Being the mom, I gave her my bobbin of spun singles and the rest of the roving.  Kate wanted to spin and needed something easy and pretty to entice her back to her wheel.  Joan's "cupcakes" are just the ticket.  She is loving them. 

We spend lots of time at the river when it's hot.  There is a breeze and the sounds/smells of the river are soothing and cooling (all except for the very loud speedboats which are just disturbing).  We spent a few nice hours just sitting outside.  The heat wave broke that night and this week has been more moderate, although the humidity has hovered between 90 and 92 percent.  Why yes, my hair has been looking extremely lovely in all that moisture.  I had forgotten how curly it is and the humidity just brings out the best in it.  (Peter Kevin loves it so it's worth it)

Unfortunately, there has been so little rain that the park is not the lovely green color in the photo.  It's rather brown and there isn't much grass.  All my neighbors have brown crispy lawns except for two obsessive compulsive men.  They have watered and mowed and edged and their lawns are green and lush.  I can't justify in my mind wasting the water.  If/when it rains, the grass will come back.  And so will the dandelions.  I'd bet they're both happy that our lawn is dead because we let the dandelions grow and if they're not growing, they're not making seedy puffballs.  I like the puffballs.  I help the little seedlings on their merry way every chance I get.

I am almost finished my Tour de Fleece spinning.  I have a few more hours to put in plying my singles and then the washing and counting up to see how much yardage I managed to get.  So far, I am loving the yarn.   I've just been tired in the heat and after work, I don't always feel like sitting in front of the wheel. Pk and I have been watching Star Trek (the original series) and loving all the drama.  "I'm a DOCTOR, Jim, not a miracle worker!!!!"  It's so much fun. 

We have plans to go to the flea market with Em and Jim on Sunday.  We'll go early before the heat sets in and then have brunch somewhere on the way home.  I love flea markets.  You never know what you'll find there. 

Other than that, it's been a quiet time.  I love summer.  I love the slow pace and the kick-your-shoes-off feeling.  I don't even mind the heat.  I spend so much time being cold at work that coming out of the building in the afternoon is a treat.

It's early still and I could spin just a bit more if I put away the computer.  'Night y'all. 


amy said…
My grandmother used to tell me the mosquitoes loved me because I had sweet Italian blood, and I tell my daughter the same thing about why they love her. I had blonde hair as a child and my daughter's is light brown. I'd never heard the hair color explanation. I'm convinced some people just smell better to mosquitoes than others. My niece attracts ticks like anything. I'm wondering if there isn't something she can eat that will make her smell bad to ticks.

We spent all day at the salt pond. I'm wondering, how can doing a whole lot of nothing, really, make me so tired at the end of the day?!
Roxie said…
Doing a whole lot of nothing lets you relax enough to feel how tired you really are.

Time spent down by the river sounds lovely. I have heard that if you eat garlic, the bugs will leave you alone. If you smell of flowers (perfume, shampoo, deodorant) you are more attractive, so if you stink, it makes sense they will leave. Maybe a wreath of marigolds in your hair? Bugs hate marigolds.
bellsknits.com said…
a breeze by the river in hot weather is truly a gift. Such a wonderful thing!

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