Mikey Wild died this morning.   

I knew it was a matter of days.  They moved him into a hospice over the weekend and his mom said he was just hanging on.

"He fought so hard."  His mom is amazing.  She's supportive and loving and felt like she was "chosen" to raise someone special like Mike. 

 I called her this afternoon to express my sorrow and offer any help I could.  We had a good laugh as we remembered her stubborn, goofy, lovable, totally wonderful son.  I felt so priviledged to have known him for 17years.  I thought I'd share this video with you.  This is pure Mikey.  And this song keeps running through my head,

"If you believe in forever,
then life is just a one night stand.
If there's a rock and roll heaven,
then you know they've got a helluva band"
(righteous brothers)

Except that I'd change it to Punk Heaven 'cause that's where Mikey is now.  He loved music, art (I have an original Mikey Wild hanging on my office wall and I also have a portrait that he did of me on one of the last times I saw him) and Vincent Price.  I like imagining him getting to finally meet his idol and them walking down the street comparing notes.

Good bye my friend.  I'll miss you.


Anonymous said…
rest in peace mikey. hugs xx
Anonymous said…
Mikey, I'll miss you so much, you touched my life...I'll never forget when you chased me with a lighter and said you were going to burn me like Caligula.
amy said…
I'm sorry for your loss, Donna Lee.
Roxie said…
Godspeed, Mikey. Rock on! And Donna, thanks for being a good part of Mikey's life.

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