Well, since I'm here, writing, the world has not ended.  I did try to call my client on Sunday morning after Pk and I had breakfast but she didn't answer.  This is not unusual.  She often doesn't answer the phone.  I'll keep trying when I get back to work this week.

The words for this weekend were things like, re-do, re-trench, re-plan. 

We'll start with Friday.  Pk made it through the colonoscopy.  Afterward, he admitted that the worst part was drinking the aptly named drink (Moviprep).  He was hungry by Friday afternoon since his procedure wasn't until 1:30 and he hadn't eaten anything since breakfast since Thursday morning.  I bought him popsicles and he had juice and flavored waters but nothing solid.  The doctor reported nothing unusual and he thought it all looked good.  I once again wondered how and why someone decides that they want to perform colonoscopys for a living.  Not for me.

Saturday we were planning to go shopping and do the usual stuff but the day was so nice.  The first time the sun had come out in almost a week so we just couldn't bring ourselves to do chores.  We spent the day doing things we enjoyed.  I finished spinning some roving that I had gotten a while ago.  It's bfl/silk mixture and it came out beautifully.  I'm not sure how much I ended up with, it's 100 g and probably close to fingering so I hope it's enough for a pair of socks. 

And I only had a small bit left on one bobbin!  No waste.  That's some of Pk's wood stash.  He spent his day working on making me a small lap table for the computer.  It'll make watching videos and movies in the summer easier since the warm laptop will not have to sit on my lap. 

Mostly, we just enjoyed being outside.

Sunday, we went to the diner for breakfast and then to the grocery store.  We were tired and I was fighting one of the worst headaches I've had in a long time.  Nothing seemed to touch it and I wondered if I had a virus or other bug because I've had some intestinal distress and been sleepy for two days. (of course, the hypochondric in me is sure I had meningitis since the headache encircled my entire head). 

Today, it's better.  Just a vague echo.  We got up early to go to the Division of Motor Vehicles to register my car only to discover it's closed on Mondays.  We went to the bookstore and spent some time enjoying the smell of books and hot coffee.  I used the time to rip out a finished sock. 

Put this in the "Denial is not just a river in Egypt" file.  I finished a pair of socks but used different needles for the second sock.  It looked a bit bigger than the first one but I kept on knitting.  When I finished, I told myself that maybe they would be ok after I washed them.

Of course that didn't work.  Can you see the fact that there are two repeats difference in these socks?  Almost 2 1/2 inches different.  I like the colors so I was really disappointed.  I decided today would be the day that I would rip the large one out and reknit it.  I sat in the cafe of the bookstore and slowly picked out the kitchener stitched toe and then unravelled the entire sock.  I am 3 repeats into the leg again. I love working with this stuff.  It's some of the yarn Em gave me for my birthday. 

And now we're getting ready for going back to work tomorrow.  It'll be a short week and then another long weekend. Next weekend is Memorial Day here, the opening of the summer season.  I remember as a kid, we would swim on Memorial Day regardless of the temperatures.  At this point in my life, I'm a little more discriminating.  I am looking forward to the long hot days of summer. 

We're due for thunderstorms on and off all week.  It means that it may or may not rain but it probably not be nice weather.  I am glad that I got our summer clothes out and washed so when the temps climb into the humid 80 degree range, we'll be ready. 

I have a dentist appt this week to have a filling drilled out and replaced.  I saw the dentist last week for my checkup and a cleaning and I mentioned a sensitive spot.  She discovered the cracked filling and said it would have to be replaced.  I am not thrilled but it's better to deal with it before it gets any worse.  I seem to have a small mouth and she needs to use child sized appliances in my mouth.  Fortunately, my dentist is so good and kind.  She accepts the fact that I gag easily and doesn't lose her patience with me.  I still don't like it but she makes it easier.

There's also a regular doctor appointment, an eye doctor appt and I also need to make a gyn appt.  Thank goodness for insurance! 

I hope you are all having a good week.


amy said…
I had to have a colonoscopy ages ago (family history, blah blah blah) and when I remember asking the doctor, while all doped up on Versed, "WHY would you want to go to medical school and do all that work just to do THIS? WHY?" One can only imagine it pays better than, say, pediatrics?

I have appointment busy-ness coming up too. Spring cleaning time I guess...
Rose Red said…
We had lovely sunshiny weather this weekend and got out and about too, to enjoy it while it lasts!

I'm glad you have a good dentist, they seem to be few and far between (I have quite the dental phobia, I'm afraid).
KnitTech said…
I love to watch thunderstorms, so much energy.

June is my appointment month, it must be the price we pay as we get older.
Dianne said…
Good news for PK. I've heard the prep is far worse than the procedure, too.
Roxie said…
Akshully, the worst part of the colonoscopy for me was the fasting. I had a nice nurse and a wonderful anesthesiologist and the doctor was good humored. I was already slightly sedated, so I started telling dirty jokes and we were all cracking up until they upped the IV drip. Then I was waking up all warm and relaxed and everything was done.

Your yarn is gorgeous! Bummer about the second sock but you are such a champ that you'll knock it out in no time! And what wonderful yarn. Mmmmm!
Anonymous said…
ugh. dentists, doctors, getting old. its all kind of gross really. not finding it particularly pleasant myself, tho i avoid dentists like the plague. the socks look lovely, worth getting right i think.
Amy Lane said…
I've had my drain snaked twice. *shudder* But the yarn-- and the socks-- are gorgeous!

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