Well, it's been a week and I have no idea where the time went.  We've not been too busy but life, as usual, marches forward at a quick pace.

Last week, I was anticipating the start of our Fiber Craft group.  In preparation for that, I made another trip to the craft store to get 2 different needlepoint kits because one of my clients told me she would like to learn.  I got kits that came with everything and have printed canvases so it would be easy.  She didn't show up.  It's a good thing I like needlepoint once in a while.

We had crochet materials and knitting materials and were prepared to talk embroidery and needlepoint and sewing and any other fiber related craft (except maybe latchhooking.  It's been so long, I forget how to do it).  And two people showed up.  I don't know why I allowed my expectations to get so high.  Maybe because a number of people came up to me and said they were coming.  After the initial disappointment, we sat and I taught someone to do chain stitch and single crochet.  She was quite amazed that she didn't pick it up immediately.  "But it looks so easy!".  I explained that I have been crocheting most of my life and have all kinds of muscle memory and she will develop it as well if she practices.  We'll see.  Some people give up if they don't get something right away.  And we'll be back this week.

Friday, I had a class in Aggressive Patient Management.  I teach this class with 3 coworkers, all male.  One is about my age and two are considerably younger.  We (the old folks) generally allow the young guys do the take down.  However, my old guy partner and one of the young guys had to leave early leaving me to take down the other young guy.

I can do this.  I understand the mechanics (I have been a trainer for several years) but my knees protest in a big way since they get to bear the brunt of the take down.  This is why we recruited young guys in the first place.  I took Brian down and as we're laying on the floor and explaining why this is a good hold (meaning he can't get up and it's not hurting anyone), I'm thinking, "I'm too old for this".  I usually feel this training in my muscles since I let one of the guys (who is bigger than I am) restrain me so I can show how to break a hold (like a choke hold or a grab) and I can show that it really does work.  This results in bruises on my arms and sore muscles.  This week I was so sore.  Every muscle ached.  It was time for much ibuprofen and a hot shower.

Today, I feel fine (except for not sleeping well last night and having a slightly sore ankle) so it's all good.

I signed up for a yarn and tea club with The Unique Sheep.  I have heard nothing but good things about these women and their product and let me say, they did not disappoint.  I'd show you a photo but for some reason, my computer here at work is rejecting the photo on my iphone (I think it's the new WebSense filters they recently installed).  My first installment came on Thursday and it's beautiful. The yarn is a fingering weight, cashmere/merino/nylon so it would make lovely, decadent socks, in a light purple/silver/white color range.  It matches the tea which is Marquise Grey. It's like Earl Grey with lavender.  It smells wonderful.  And they sent along a Unique Sheep mug. 

We had a home-y weekend with chores and things around the house.  The weather was spotty with clouds and humidity and occasional thunderstorms.  Kate and Patrick came for dinner so Pk and Kate could discuss their upcoming hike on the Batona Trail which runs through the Wharton Tract (a part of the Pinelands here in South Jersey.  It's a unique ecosystem and really beautiful).  They're planning to hike the entire trail sometime in the early fall but need to see how well they can do on short day/overnight hikes first.  Patrick and I get to provide transportation into and out of the woods.  And we get to sleep in our beds and not on the cold, hard ground.  We get the better end of the deal!

Today, I start working with a new doctor.  He's an unknown quantity and I'm not sure how much experience he has with the Developmental Disabilites population so this could be interesting and challenging.  Some doctors don't like it when you try to give them information.  I've been doing this for years and while I didn't go to medical school, I've picked up some info over the years.

We have a short week and a long weekend.  Pk has his baseline colonoscopy this Friday.  We're taking off for that and then we've taken off Monday as well.  Long weekend for us and three short weeks in a row.  Gotta love it.

Well, that's all the news from our neck of the woods.  What's new with you?


amy said…
More people might show up after a while, and those two people who did show up got some individual attention! It'll probably pick up.

Try arnica for the aches & bruises--Boiron makes a pellet form you take orally, or you can get a salve to rub right on, but I like the oral version since it gets everywhere. You have to take the first dose fairly quickly though. I carry some with me. My kids call it "bump pellets." After my c-sections I took mega-doses and it was like a miracle. I still don't quite understand how homeopathy works but I've decided I don't have to (I don't know how cell phones work either). As long as it works, that's enough for me!
Rose Red said…
Your yarn sounds beautiful! Not so much the bruising and soreness, a most unwelcome side effect of your job. I'm sorry you didn't have a better turn up for the craft day, but hopefully you've got a couple of converts.
KnitTech said…
Sounds very much like an interesting week at your place. Hope you quickly develop a good working relationship with the new doctor.
Roxie said…
I was starting to worry about you. Good to hear that nothing bad happened - except for the take-down bruising. Do you then make the students practice on one another? And do they have to review the actions every so often? Aggressive paatients canbe so scarey.

As can colonoscopys. Thinking smooth pink thoughts for PK. And sympathy for the fast and cleansing.
Olivia said…
Oh, that is a little disappointing about the fiber craft group. And I know what you mean about people giving up too soon. It makes me think of every time someone sees me knitting and says, 'Oh, that's amazing, I tried knitting, and I started a scarf but I kept gaining and losing stitches'. As if I never made ugly misshapen pieces of fabric when I started knitting?
Anonymous said…
ugh some doctors are a pain in the proverbial arent they? and some of them dont know ANYTHING about the real world. its a worry. your work sounds challenging this week, in all sorts of ways. hope the soreness hasnt cut into your own crafting time. keep doing what you do, youre a wonderful example.
Bells said…
that's one of the real benefits of having learned to knit and crochet in childhood really - we do have that muscle memory. I take for granted that I've been doing it forever. Many adults over think it don't they?
Galad said…
I'm so impressed that you still do that training. I probably wouldn't walk for a week!

I did a couple of yarn clubs that involved the Unique Sheep and loved their yarns. Enjoy!

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