Is it hot enough for ya?  I'm already tired of hearing that and it's only been a few days of our first "official heat wave" of the summer (don't let them fool you, summer doesn't start around here for another 3 weeks).  It has been hot and we're not acclimated yet so people are suffering.  We are being stalwart and not installing the a/c even though the temps are in the 90's (32C) and the humidity is high.  We do however have fans blowing at us so as long as we don't move around too much, it's ok.  So, twist my arm really hard and make me sit still and knit.

We took an impromptu picnic Friday night to escape the heat.  Just tuna sandwiches and mac salad and some strawberries.  It was lovely.  I finished a pair of socks and gave them to Pk when he admired them.   They're Felicity in the Goth color by knitpicks.  El calls it the "bribe yarn" since she bought it for me when she asked me to make her a pair if socks.  It's really nice to work with and makes a nice fabric on size 2.25 needles.    I wasn't sure what I'd wear them with and Pk said "I'll wear them with anything" so they went off to live in his sock drawer.  He wore them to work today and showed them off.

Saturday, I cleaned and did laundry and knit and then Sunday we went to the park for another picnic.  This time Kate and I took our wheels.  A wedding party pulled up to take photos (and parked in the handicapped lot but that's a rant for another day).  One of the men came over and asked questions about the spinning wheel.  (Can you see the train stickers on the side that faces me?)  He said, "I saw something and didn't know what it was so I had to come over and ask".  A man after my own heart.  I explained what it was and he said "oh, like Sleeping Beauty?" and I agreed yes, just like that. 

Before you know it, the photographer askes if he can take a photo of the bridal couple with the wheel.  I said of course and Daisy got to be in someone's wedding photos.  I tried to stay out of the way but it was cool.  And a little odd. 

We had dinner with my brother and his family.  Maggie (who is 11) said she had a new best friend.  When I asked who?  She pulled out a book by James Patterson called Maximum Ride (a really cool book).  I know that now she's old enough for the Sanna books so I'm going to get her a copy.  I hope she likes them as much as I do.

I'm the one on the right in case you can't tell.
The funeral for Michael is tomorrow.  We were supposed to go to the viewing tonight but Pk walked the 11 blocks from his office to mine in socks/shoes not made for city walking and got a blister on the ball of his foot.  Since going to the funeral home would involve more walking, we opted to come home and I'll go tomorrow morning instead.  I wanted to share an original Mikey Wild with you.

One of the last times he came in to see the doctor, he brought his drawing pad and drew a portrait of the doctor and me.  Pk bought me a frame over the weekend and now it's hanging on the wall of my office.  Everything on the wall (except my clock) is handmade.  I love surrounding myself with the love and care that went into handmade goods in my office.  It gives off a good vibe.

You know what's also cool?  Your grown children asking you to go somewhere with them.  It makes me feel like we're making the transition from parent/child/disciplinarian to parent/child/friend.  It's way cool.  Kate asked if we wanted to go to the lake on Sunday.  Once again, twist my arm and make me sit in the sun and knit and swim.  Life is tough, I tellya.

Other than that, it was a quiet weekend.  Too hot to do much.  We are planning to attend our nephew's wedding on June 11 in Baltimore.  We'll go down early and Pk wants to visit the aquarium.  We'll spend the night and come home after the wedding brunch on Sunday.  I am trying to finish my kal shawl but am afraid it won't be done in time.  The last clue has too many beads and I'm slow enough on the nonbeaded parts.  I have another shawl that I can wear instead.  And it's just way too hot for a lap full of alpaca/silk.

I hope you are all well and happy and your day is filled with handmade goodness.


amy said…
It's not *that* hot up here, but the girl and I went to the beach today. The fees are doubling on July 1 and I wanted to get our state season pass before then. Then we got to spend an hour or so playing in the sand and dipping our toes in the frigid Atlantic before getting home in time to meet the bus. (And the breeze was so strong I was cold!)

I'll send some good, strong thoughts your way tomorrow morning.
Rose Red said…
Sounds like a lovely weekend, hope that will fortify you for the days ahead.
I love the socks, and love that you have your work wall covered with love.
Amy Lane said…
It sounds like a lOVELY weekend--and I know you're heartsore over Mikey, but still-- how lovely that he left such a kind friend such good memories.

(And the wedding couple by the spinning wheel really IS cool!)
Olivia said…
I wouldn't mind some hot weather - we've pretty much had an early month of winter here. It's lovely that your family enjoy spending time together. I'm like that with my parents, and sisters, and nephews and niece. So many people don't really have that.

I'm glad you showed us Mikey's drawing.
Kate said…
I can't really take too much credit for the lake, I kind of vaguely mentioned the idea and Patrick picked it up and ran with it. Then he asked if we should invite you guys and I said, "Sure!"
KnitTech said…
Great wedding photos.

Our weather isn't warm yet. It's still cloudy and windy. Figure it will stay this way until mid-late June. Stupid Global Climate Change.
Roxie said…
We don't expect summer before July 7th, but then, we also don't get huricanes or tornadoes, so no complaints. I'll enjoy it vicariously through you. Spinning in the park sounds idylic. Wonder how those newlyweds will explain a random spinning wheel in their wedding photos?

PK's socks just rock! What a delight he is, to wear them and show them off.

Hugs to you. Mikey was lucky to have you for a friend. So am I.
Anonymous said…
hot already. that is warm. sitting still and knit/spinning is the only remedy for that i think. love the mikey picture. i hope the funeral went ok. speaking of baltimore. conference, me, june next year. just sayin'.
Galad said…
It's starting to heat up in Arizona and I'm not ready!

I love the couple posing with your wheel - how unique.

Hope your week has been a good one.

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