It's been almost a week since I posted.  Nothing is wrong.   In fact, things are moving along in a fairly peaceful way.  It was just an emotional week and by Friday I was exhausted. 

One of my favorite coworkers has moved on to another job.  He's going to be a parole officer (I know, frying pan into the fire, right?) and his last day here was Friday.  I missed his party on Thursday since I promised a client I would be available to give her some help with the messy bundle of yarn and needles that she showed me on Wednesday telling me it was her sweater and that she needed some help. 

I told her of course and I sat at my desk and waited.  And waited.  And waited some more.  And she didn't show.  I missed the farewell of one of my favorite people because I wanted to keep my word.  We are going to have some words this morning about making and keeping commitments.

I did get to say goodbye.  He started the Aggressive Patient management program with me and helped design the course we currently teach.  The other two young men that do the training are wonderful but I'll feel the loss for a while.

We had an early Friday night and were probably asleep by 10.  Saturday passed in a whirlwhind of regular chores.  Pk planted the impatiens out front.  They're assorted colors and will be a bright spot of color in a short time. Sunday we got up, had breakfast, took a nap, sat around and had dinner and then sat around a bit more and went to bed.  Slugs.  We are slugs.

Not my photo.  Pattern photo from Ravelry
 I am making a pair of anklet socks with a turned down cuff.  Aren't they cute?  They're called Girlie Anklet socks.  I finished the cuff on one and have started down the foot.  I am making them for me.  They appeal to my girlie side.  I'm using some yarn called Rohirrim from the LOTR yarn Em gave me earlier this year.  I am in love with it.  I will wear these with a skirt and show them off.

Pk and I are going to a wedding this upcoming weekend.  Since there is no way on God's Green Earth I could finish my kal shawl, I washed and reblocked the North Sea Shawl I made (from Folk Shawls) and I'll wear that.  Pk was suggesting I buy a new dress but I have a dress that I love and don't feel the need for a new one.  And with my blue shawl, I'll look smashing.  I forgot how beautiful it is.  It's been in the closet for over 2 years.  The blue matches the flowers on my dress just right.  And I'll get to show off some of my knitting.  I do need a new pair of khaki pants.  I noticed (on the train when I couldn't change them) that there's a tear in the back of the leg of the pants I am wearing.  No one will probably notice it but I know it's there and will be conscious of it all day.

I woke up this morning with some of the worst cramps I have ever experienced.  I keep hoping that this month will be the one that will start the process of ending this but it seems not to be so.  I wonder how many 80 year old women still get periods?  I have never called out of work for cramping before but today might have been the day if I didn't have so much work this morning.  Once the new doctor becomes more familiar with our population, I won't feel the pressure to be here.

Well, that's the news from Somerdale.  We're in for some hot weather again this week with temps well above normal.  I think we'll put the a/c in the window today.  When it's 100 degrees outside, you need a cool place to retreat.  It's about a month early for us and I think it does not bode well for the comfort level this summer!


Alwen said…
Oh, wow, I love both that sock pattern and the yarn!
Roxie said…
Those soccks are soooo pretty!

Sorry about the losses going on around you. Try to focus on the new good things that will be happening, too. How's that mural coming for starters?

Your summer is starting early, and our spring is starting late. It's a funny old planet, isn't it?
amy said…
The missed appointment would drive me crazy, but I think it must be a product of a chaotic life. Sometimes I think the utter stability I'm providing my children, while quite possibly boring to them, is one of the best things I can do as a parent.

Please post a picture of you in the dress and the shawl that matches the flowers just right!!
I want you to know how much I appreciate your good thoughts and prayers for me and my family over the past couple of months. I hope things are going well in your life. Thank you,
Rose Red said…
I too would love to see a photo of you in your wedding finery - I hope that will be a bright spot in a draining time for you.
Bells said…
oh it looks like I can comment! Hooray!

I adore impatiens. Can we see a pic when they're in bloom?

And I love that you've got a wedding outfit from a shawl and dress you already have. Isn't it lovely when you find things that go together! Lovely!
Olivia said…
Lovely sock pattern - I look forward to seeing how yours come out, as well as the shawl/dress combo.

It's great when something you already have will work and make you feel good - I think there's nothing worse than desperately shopping for something to wear to a particular event. I've tried to collect a few pieces that can work for weddings and dressy events so I always have options.
DrK said…
gorgeous little socks, i love little ankle socks with skirts. i think so long as you can pull of that look youre stuck with the cramping :) it is so cold here right now, with snow on the mountains and gale force winds coming off the snow, im trying to remind myself how much i hate summer!
KnitTech said…
Those socks are awesome! I just can't picture what shoes you'd wear with them.

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