hee hee, I slay myself sometimes.

Actually, as I sit here at work, there's snow (a wintry mix) falling.  The temps are hovering around freezing and the heat is not working in the building.  I am so cold.  Apparently, over the weekend (when the temps were more moderate) our Crisis Center, which is open 24 hrs a day 7 days a week, got too warm and asked to have the heat turned down.  I think they turned the switch to a/c because seriously cold air is coming out of the vents.  I have a long sleeved t shirt under a long sleeved shirt and a fleece jacket on.  I'm contemplating putting my coat on but that would be uncomfortable.  I've been waiting all week for them to fix it.

Pk is currently enamored with a new game on his iphone, Words with Friends.  He's playing with Kate and now Bells.  I had my doubts about this because as dear and wonderful as he is, the man can't spell to save his life.  The game is like Scrabble (almost exactly like Scrabble) and so spelling is a good thing to be able to do.  He's holding his own and getting a lot of pleasure out of it.  I am trying to stay out of it and let him win/lose on his own but he's funny to watch.

And speaking of being dear, when I got home from work on Tuesday, he'd put my wheel back together.  The fact that he was supposed to be working from home since he had class isn't important.  He spent a half hour reassembling Daisy.  Yes, Daisy seems to be the default name since she has daisies on her.  It's so lovely to sit and spin and have it be easy!  It's so much less work to spin a bobbin full than it used to be.  Now, I'm going to be haunting the places that sell roving to find new and interesting things to spin!  I have two bags of shorn alpaca but it needs to be washed.  I don't like the way it feels to spin it unwashed. And then it has to be flick carded or hand carded to work it into a spinnable state.

I had a group yesterday and we talked about Forgiveness.  We discussed what it means, how hard it is and how important it is and what's Unforgiveable.  When I tossed the question at Pk yesterday morning, he said the only thing he probably couldn't ever forgive me for was if I harmed one of the girls.  I kind of felt the same way.  Most everything else could be forgiven-eventually.  Forgotten?  That's another story.

The group said that cheating was unforgiveable (personally I would have to look at why the cheating was taking place before deciding whether to forgive) and that mass murder was unforgiveable.  It was an interesting discussion (which can be rare in the afternoon groups when everyone is ready to go home).

It made me think for a long time about some of the things I carry around in my head that I haven't really forgiven people for.  I also have a tendency not to forget.  I read somewhere that carrying a grudge is like letting someone rent space in your head for free and I like the image.  I am making an effort to let some stuff go (and boy is some of it old and dusty!)  Then I can have empty space in my head just waiting to be filled with other trivial things!

Nothing much else is going on.  We've got some cold weather in store for the next week or so.  Those days last week were just a tease and nothing more.  March has a lot of warming up to do if it wants to go out like a lamb!


amy said…
My 6yo was furious with me this morning because it's once again snow boot & snow pants weather. It's not MY fault it snowed enough to stick. And after a week with the flu, I really didn't want to hear it from him!!

You know, "forgiveness" is one of those words I think we automatically assume we understand, but when I thought about it, I decided to Google and see what came up. It's not at all a simple definition, nor a simple process.
We got 7 inches of the white stuff.
That's after 4 inches on Monday.
What spring, I ask ya?
DrK said…
what an interesting group! i think everything is forgivable, if you have a heart big enough to forgive. people are not intrinsically evil, every good or bad thing we do has come from some influence somwhere. but i agree, forget is something else entirely. if humans werent quite so forgetful, lots of stupid things wouldnt get done over and over. like war, for example. but then, as scorpios, we never forget ;)
Roxie said…
Not forgiving gives a sense of control over the situation. Some situations are not worth continuing to control. Does that make sense? Forgiving an abuse does not mean that the abuse was ok. Nor does it mean that you are willing to be vulnerable to that abuse again. I'm still struggling with forgiving my wierd uncle for molesting me, even though that was fifty five years ago and he's been dead for about twenty of those years.

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