Today is the 14th of the month and it's time for a Day In My Life (Monday edition).

5:00 am.  Pk's alarm goes off.  I don't recognize the sound and spend a full minute wondering why it won't stop.  It occurs to me that it's the alarm and I turn it off.
Pk heads into the shower and I fall back asleep. 
5:45, Pk comes back into the bedroom and I get up and stumble to the bathroom.  I am slightly disoriented and drop everything I pick up.  I shower, dress and head downstairs.
6:30, I am making sandwiches as Pk scrambles some eggs for breakfast.  We eat and leave for work.  We're about 15 minutes behind schedule. 

I walk down Locust street and notice that the sun is in my eyes.  I'm now about 20 mins later than usual and the sun is bright. 

At my desk, I listen to the phone ring starting at 8 and every few minutes.  I don't answer it.  I read blogs and my favorite online comics and check email and phone messages.  One cancelled appointment for the day.

I get the charts and drop them off with the doctor and wait for the 9 o'clock person to show.  She's perpetually late and today she does not disappoint.  An hour late.  We manage to see her anyway and I tell people that the doctor is leaving at the end of April and I'll have to get back to them regarding followup appointments. 

12 noon.  I eat lunch and order the computer parts Pk has decided to get with his part of the bonus.  He's excited and can't wait. 

1:00 and the afternoon clinic starts.  I have to spend a half hour with the IT people in preparation for the installing of our new computer program which is happening on Friday.  I am familiar with loading software so it's no big deal.  The fact that it will take over an hour on some machines IS a big deal.  I'm not looking forward to it.

4:20, clinic is over and I leave and walk to the train.  It feels so good to get out of the building.  I am reminded of what one of my clients said to me.  "When I walk into Hall Mercer, I go aaahhhh because I know people will take care of me and treat me well".  I thought to myself, "I go aaahhhh when I walk OUT of Hall Mercer".  Just a difference of perspective.

I get off the train to see Pk waiting in the car.  We pick El up and head to the mall to replace his worn out work shoes.  He finds shoes, El and I find sneakers (it's a discount shoe store.  New Balance sneakers for 35 dollars). 

We drive over the Big Timber Creek (pronounced Crick and no, I don't know why) and head for one of our favorite places to get take out.
Samuel's and Chef Chan's.  We get mu shu pork and the General's Chicken and El and Pk get sushi.

We drive home and put on our comfy clothes and eat our dinner.  It's delicious.  I make the mistake of watching last week's episode of Bones while I eat (will I never learn?) but fortunately, this one is less grisly than others.

And now, we are relaxing and I can't believe it's almost 9 o'clock!  I had plans to help Pk put some finish on my new wheel but that'll have to wait until tomorrow.  Kate is bringing her wheel over so Pk can help her put a finish on it, too.  She is thinking of naming her wheel Arthur or Sven.  I haven't decided yet.  I did order a high speed lace flyer and it will be here soon (along with some extra drive bands, Pk insisted.  "You have to have a spare!"  We got one for Kate, too. 

I finished clue number 3 on my In Dreams shawl yesterday and tried to take a photo today.  This color doesn't even come close.  In reality, it's a burnt orange/rust color.  It has over 1800 beads on it already and there are 4 more clues to go.  I love it so far.  Once I finally got started, it has been pretty easy to follow. I did have a bit of a mishap in clue three where I noticed I had 2 extra beads in a row.  That meant two extra stitches.  Once again, I was faced with the dilemna, leave it alone? or fix it?

I chose to tink back the 6 (beaded) rows and fix it.  And I'm glad I did.  The next clue comes out on Friday and for once, I'm ready!

In another hour I'll be in bed and hopefully asleep.  The day flew by and I'm not sure where it went. 

Tomorrow is not quite as busy.  Kate and Patrick will be here for dinner.  I have to find something easy for dinner because we'll get home around 5 again.  I'm thinking Chicken of the Good Woman.  Easy, one pot meal and everyone loves it (even Patrick and he's a picky eater).

Wednesday El and I are going to make soda bread and Pk will be making Irish potatoes to take into work.  They are a favorite of ours. Pure calories (but such delicious ones).  

But, I'm getting away with myself there.  It's still Monday and I have a few things left to do before I go to bed.  Have a peaceful night y'all.


Anonymous said…
such an early start to the day! 5am! I'm impressed you guys do a cooked breakfast so early!

Gosh your shawl is looking lovely. Good on you tinking back. It's worth it!
KnitTech said…
Very busy day. It takes a week for me to get used to the time change.
Roxie said…
I love the way you sort of ease into the day. An hour when you don't answer the phone? Brilliant! Sounds like a satisfying, comfortable life.
Alwen said…
We always said "crick" when I was a kid, but somewhere along the way I learned to say "creek".
Anonymous said…
1800 beads oh my lord. how does that not do your head in? it looks fantastic though. hope the rest of your week has been nice and smooth. with lots of spinning.

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