They took the precipitation our of our forecast for today.  We're in for some sunshine but none of the warmth.  It's ok, I'll take it (as if I have a choice!)

You know that I think I have one of the best husbands around, right?  Well, here's another reason.  When I got home from work on  Tuesday, this was waiting for me in front of my favorite chair.  We've taken to calling her Daisy so it will probably stick.  When I left on Tuesday morning, she was still in pieces with her last coat of shellac (which Pk makes up in small batches) drying.

When I came home, she sat quiely glowing waiting for me.  And we work well together.  Daisy has a scotch tensioner which is new to me and I am learning its intricacies. 

Today is our pajama day.  This means clothes as comfortable as we can find.  In my case, big old baggy sweatpants, t shirt and sweatjacket.  Pk has decided to be cute and is putting on the same color clothing as me.  The girls always tease us that we're almost old enough for matching leisure suits in mint green.

We planned carefully for this day.  While we were grocery shopping, we chose our meals for the day with an eye toward ease and taste.  For breakfast we are having baked omlettes.  These are very easy to put together and put into the oven in disposable pans.  We bought some disposable plates so there will be very minimal clean up.

Dinner will be stuffed shells and meatballs.  The meatballs were made yesterday and are in a disposable pan in the fridge waiting to go into the oven.  The shells are made and ready to go into the oven.  I may make some garlic bread, but that's easy, too.

I made a carrot cake so we have desert if we are in the mood .  Soon, the weather will be too nice to stay indoors and have a day like today so it's a treat. 

Pk will be playing with his computer.  Did you ever take the sides off your machine?  NO?  I thought everyone did.  Well, this is what the insides of the new computer look like.  Those blue tubes are its circulatory system.  Well, the coolant system.  This computer has a water cooled system.  It uses an antifreeze just like a car engine. There's a tower that stands next to the computer and contains liquid.  It sounds counter intuitive to me but Pk assures me it's necessary (and safe to have the liquid next to all the electric bits).   The processor gets very hot and there are 2 or 3 fans as well.  It is really quiet.   Just a bit of a whirring noise.  The case is black and shiny.  If you put some wheels on it and stuck it to a cab, it would easily function as a semi.  It's big.  And it has electric blue lights.  What amazes me is that when it came, it was just a big empty black box and Pk has filled it with bits and bobs and now it's a powerful computing machine.

I will spend the day working on the last few rows of my kal shawl.  And maybe spinning some.  I'm having some lower back pain so we'll see how that goes.  We'll probably watch some movies and snack and be slug-like all day.  Before you know it, it will be time for bed and the work week will be beginning.

And Hobbes will spend the day much as he spends all his days, asleep on the bed.  He just waits for me to sit down and then moves onto my lap.  He can't figure out why we don't spend all OUR days on the bed along with him.  He let me make the bed around him this morning but that's as far as he's moved today.  Lucky cat.

So, I wish you all a good Sunday.  Tomorrow, Pk has jury duty and I have work so we'll enjoy today.  I hope you're enjoying today, too.


amy said…
Ah, well, so far this morning I've scrubbed two bathrooms. The house got a bit out of control while I had the flu while single parenting. It's nice to have clean bathrooms, though. Enjoy your day!!
Kaye said…
Now that's a beautifully pimped out wheel! She's gorgeous! Happy spinning!
Alwen said…
I cleaned up the dog yard and emptied a couple of dish racks, but other than that I've just been reading the newspaper, drinking coffee, and knitting. It's so good to have a day like that sometimes!
Olivia said…
Your day sounds soooo good. I love the planning ahead you do. And I hope jury duty goes well for PK - I've done it once and found the whole thing quite stressful. It was certainly an interesting process reaching agreement with a disparate group, but one I could happily be without for the rest of my life!
Roxie said…
Hope the pajama day did its healing work and left you renewed to face the week. Daisy is a sweet, lovely girl and I think you two will work well toagether.

And PK is a jewel!
Anonymous said…
oh pyjama day sounds wonderful! daisy is just gorgeous, and hobbes is a very attractive, and serious looking, cat. cant wait to see you both in your leisure suits too.
Bells said…
matching leisure suits! We have an ongoing joke about that. We both like similar colours and sometimes after getting dressed will notice we're both in, say, black pants and a red top. sometimes one of us changes, sometimes we go out like that for the amusement factor.

But we're never doing matching leisure suits - in mint green or any other colour.

Daisy is a thing of utter beauty.

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