I came to work this morning with my heavy winter coat and mittens.  It's cold outside, the temps hovering just around freezing.  This is just not normal.  I should be attempting to leave the sweaters at home and just wear a long sleeved shirt to work but I'm not.  I am still wearing long sleeved shirts with sweaters on top of them.  And it's almost APRIL!

I have this daydream that one day we'll wake up and it will be 95 degrees (and my closet will still be filled with winter clothes) and the weather man will be telling me that we have skipped right over Spring and moved into the heat of summer.  There will be people coming out of doors and looking confusedly at the sky and wondering what all the light is from.  And there's snow/sleet/freezing rain in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow. 

Pajama day was terrific.  We spent the day eating foods that are not good for us (chocolate covered raisins, red licorice, chips, Cracker Jack) and playing computer games and knitting and putting parts into the computer and taking parts out of the computer (you have to be a computer geek to understand why that is fun).  We ate food on paper plates and cleaned up by throwing things away.  (Just for the record, we don't use paper plates and such often.  Ecologically disastrous).  No one did any real work, just play.

And Pk and I had a discussion about what makes a person sexy.  That's a hard thing to answer.  Attractive is easier to define but sexy is one of those "I know it when I see it" kind of things. Is it a body type, an attitude, a way of moving?  So individual and hard to define.   And then we discussed feeling sexy.  At 53, I will admit, sexy is not the way I often feel.  I'm not sure what age has to do with it, probably more body image than number.  I do feel attractive some days (and just normal on others).  And I love it when he tells me I'm beautiful but am always suspicious that he sees me through love colored glasses. 

It was an interesting discussion and I was thinking.  When do you feel sexy?  When did you last feel sexy?  How about beautiful?  I was not raised to think of myself as even attractive let alone beautiful so I always feel funny even thinking it.  And WHY don't we think of ourselves as beautiful, attractive, sexy things at any age, weight, body type?

I know, profound questions for a Tuesday morning but hey, whatever keeps me from checking the phone messages and starting work.......


Kaye said…
Ugh! Your dream sounds like a nightmare to me! LOL! I'm OK with this weather. Mid 40s? That's not cold! ;-)

From a purely biological standpoint, should you really need to feel sexy after your childbearing years? What's the point? Isn't the point of appearing sexy/attractive to *attract* another person with whom to breed with? Even the word "sexy" implies what is to be the end result of looking like that.
Once you have passed that part of your life, why feel obligated to cling to the notion you need to remain attractive/sexy?
We're obsessed with youth. I for one can't wait to see how I look wrinkly and saggy (which is already happening!). Ain't nothing wrong with it!
Roxie said…
I am wrinkly and saggy and I still feel sexy. When I feel just happy and affectionate with my husband, and he smiles back at me with that particular twinkle, I feel as sexy as any 18 year old firm-breasted pole danceer. More so, in fact. I have less ammunition, but I'm a much better shot.

Sexy is a completely individual perception. Donna Lee, if the man you love best in the world thinks you're sexy, what more can you ask? Do you want total strangers following you on the street? And isn't he sexy to you?

Kaye, sex is still lots of fun well past your reproductive years. Feeling sexy is a self-affirming sensation that has nothing to do with youth or popularly disseminated views of attractiveness.

Looks like we'll have a cool spring. We'll appreciate the next warm one that much more.
Bells said…
I NEED a Pyjama day ASAP! Love love love!

The whole love coloured glasses thing is funny. I tell Sean he's gorgeous and he says 'yeah but you're biased because you love me.'

Um, didn't I first like him because he looked gorgeous and was, at our first meeting, really funny and sweet? And then didn't love come out of that? It's as if the love thing came first and the thinking he's gorgeous came second. Nope. Other way around!
Anonymous said…
its still ridiculously warm here too, they are making noises about cold coming but i dont believe them. so glad you had a great pyjama day. and what interesting discussions you and PK have! i think there is a huge gap between media and culture say 'sexy' is and should be, and its usually not particularly empowering for women. i think sexy is self confidence, and probably doesnt have much to do with sex either!
Rose Red said…
You do have interesting discussions - what is forgiveness, what is sexy?

For me, sexy is a state of mind, not the way you look - you could be universally admired as the most gorgeous person in the world but still not feel sexy.

Forgiving and forgetting - I'm not very good at either,especially the forgetting part. I really like the concept you have of a grudge, I must remember that for myself.

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