March is such a heartbreaker of a month around here.  There are days when it's obvious that Spring is coming.  The sun shines hard and warm and you can take off your mittens and expose more skin to the Vitamin D. 

We had one of those days yesterday.  The air was softer than it had been and it just felt nice to be outdoors.  I went bowlling with one of our groups and decided to take the bus back and walk 8 blocks instead of taking the subway and wasting the sunshine underground.

Today, not so much.  Today, the wind is biting any exposed flesh and the temps are below freezing.  Despite my wool socks, my toes are cold.  My nose is red and running from the frigid air.  And we have a 2 hour mandatory "compliance" training today.  This does not bode well for the day.

Peter Kevin is feeling optimistic. He bought 4 packets of seeds for Wildflowers.  We have a patch in the back that doesn't grow grass well and is not good for much else so we spread some mulch and then the seeds and let it do its own thing in its own time.  Some years, we've had great results and have a bed full of lovely colors.  Some years the birds get to the seeds first.

I have found that I am not picking up the needles at night.  After the marathon sessions to finish the In Dreams shawl in time for the next clue (due tomorrow), I have no real desire to knit.  That and I'm just tired at the end of the day.  I did work on my current travelling sock at the bowling alley yesterday (all the while listening to people tell me "I don't have the patience for that") but that's about it.    I am almost ashamed to admit that while browsing Netflix, I "discovered" 3rd Rock From The Sun and have been watching it and laughing out loud.  It's silly and the acting is hammy and very campy but it seems to be what my brain/psyche needs right now.  I like how it pokes not-so-gentle fun at our foibles.  And I really like John Lithgow.  He is such a talented man.

I was riding on the train this morning (alone since Pk is in class on Tues and Thurs and works from home).  There were two young men who were talking loudly,  seemingly obvlivious to the people around them, about 'warrants' and how good it felt not to be under one. Now, the train stops at City Hall in Camden where the courthouse is and where people with outstanding warrants go (and where we go for jury duty), so it's possible that they were on their way to a court hearing.  It just struck me how different their lives were from mine.  We all have worries and problems but sometimes they're miles apart. 

And just because I found this a good thought for the day, I'll share it with you.

" Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive."

~His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Once again, he hits the nail squarely on the head.
Have a good one.


amy said…
It was so windy here yesterday, our 40 degrees felt much colder. And today it IS much colder. In like a lion, you know. ;) The problem is when March doesn't play by the rules and goes OUT like a lion too!!
Roxie said…
I love 3rd rock! Have you seen the episodes with Bill Shatner yet? I nearly wet myself, I laughed so hard. Superb ensemble comedy!

It's wonderful how warm fourty degrees feels after a spell of below freezing?
KnitTech said…
Yes, love the warm 60 (I know we're not there yet) degrees coming out of winter, verses the freezing 60 degrees of fall.

The Reelz channel is running 3rd Rock and I've caught a couple. I'd forgotten how funny and talented the crew can be.
Bells said…
i love the whole letting seeds go and seeing what nature does with them thing. It can be so fascinating!
Chrisqowf said…
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