" Spend some time alone every day."
~His Holiness the Dalai Lama

I do this most every day.  During the week, I spend about a half hour to an hour alone at my desk.  This is a quiet time for me.  I check email, read my favorite comics and check in on as many blog friends as I can.  I don't use the overhead fluorescent lights, just the desk lamp.  It's peaceful and my favorite part of the day.  When my office mate comes in, he turns on the lights and the mood is gone.

But it's enough to get my day off to a gentle start. Today, I think I need it.  I feel discombobulated.  Thought and speech are not connected and my brain is slow.  I know my body is moving slowly into peri-menopause and I'm getting my second period this month (it's like being 12 all over again before things settled down).  I'm clumsy and forgetful.  I left my lunch on the counter this morning.

So, I'm sitting here drinking some chocolate milk, my comfort beverage of choice, and breathing slowly and trying to focus my thoughts and energies for the upcoming day.  Fortunately, it's Friday and although there is plenty of work to do, most of it is paperwork at my desk.

They upgraded my work computer.  It's faster and has more memory.  Problem is, it's incompatible with my (very) old printer.  Most of my coworkers share a printer which is down the hall in the mail room.  Their offices are clustered around this mail room. My office is at the end of the hall.  I enjoyed being able to print my documents right here at my desk and not have to walk down the hall every time I printed something (and I print a lot).  I could also do double sided printing which saved paper.  They'll probably not replace it.  We're not supposed to each have a printer.  Too expensive.  But I miss it.

The new computer and I are getting acquainted and it has already asserted it's authority and superiority.  I cannot plug my mp3 player into the usb to charge.  The computer told me NO.  I can't download library books to my mp3 player, the computer told me NO again.  It's frustrating but I'll learn to live with it.  It is, after all, a work machine and I have a computer at home for these purposes.  But it was so convenient when the library sent me an email to just download my new book and be done with it.  And the IT guy who gave me partial admin capabilities on my old machine is no longer here.  It'll take some getting used to.

Pk and Elanor are going to the Phila Museum of Art tomorrow.  He has been trying to spend more one on one time with the girls and this is what El chose.  Good choice since Pk loves the art museum.  For me, it means a day to myself.  Win/win situation here.

And Saturday/Sunday is Daylight Savings Time here.  I will admit I am not a fan.  The days are getting longer all by themselves and really don't need our help.  On Monday when I leave for work, it will be dark again and it's so hard to make myself leave the house.  I think it's a construct we no longer need and I would be glad if we did away with it altogether.

I had some more springtime images to add to put some color into this post but for some reason, I can't.  I hope you all have a peaceful Friday and a glorious weekend.  And lets send some good vibes to the people on the Pacific Rim.  Imagine knowing a tsunami was headed your way.  I can't. It must be terrifying. 


KnitTech said…
The new computer adjustment period really isn't much fun. I know what you mean about work computers, I can't even change the screen saver on one of my two systems.
amy said…
The Dalai Lama doesn't have small children. Yesterday morning I took my laptop into the bedroom for five minutes to read one blog post, and that was my "alone" time in between the night shift of lots of nursing to help the girl fight off a bug, and the day shift of waiting on the sick 6yo. No surprise that by 4:30 pm I had my own meltdown, huh?
Roxie said…
Maybe that's why I don't have children - I gotta have that alone time. Does driving count?

On our coast, the tsunami will be hitting during low tide, so that's a huge blessing. But still, there are costal evacuations in process and the first wave is expected in about fifteen minutes.
Rose Red said…
When I was working, one of my favourite things was to be first to arrive, and sit in the peace and eat my breakfast and check emails and blogs - I never turned the lights on either, as I was lucky enough to have a window seat. It was lovely.

I need my alone time too. Fortunately the little guy naps twice a day so that's my cup of tea and knitting time. Bliss.
Galad said…
Yes, computer adjustment is a pain but eventually it will happen. Glad for your peaceful time. Hope you have a great weekend.
bellsknits.com said…
hmm the only consolation I can offer on the printer issue is that at least it gets you up and walking every so often? I tell myself that as I trudge the printer time and again.

I'm with you on daylight savings. I know the farmers here HATE it.

Also, the alone time - vital to my mental health, even if it's just the 20mins on the bus where I am silent and knitting.
drkknits said…
i am growing more and more addicted to my alone time. sometimes i can go a whole weekend and not speak to anyone, i love it. at work i can listen to my music on the computer and that helps me be alone too, but i dont have clients to deal with like you do. i hate when they change computer systems like that. i hope the new printer down the hall still does double sided tho?!

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