I'm waiting for a mystery book to download so I have something to listen to today as I do my chores. I find I don't mind them quite so much if I have something interesting to listen to. Our library's new audiobook service only allows 4 books to be "checked out" at a time for a two week period. This is tough for me because I listen frequently (it's what I do instead of watch television) and I can easily go through the books before my two weeks are up. Pk to the rescue! He allowed me to use his library card and check out books so I have 4 books a week, an embarassment of riches. I am waiting for a Dean Koontz novel to download. I like his stuff because there is always an element of hope in the story and the good guys always win in the end.

Here is my first foray into A Long Lacey Summer. It's my newest nemesis. I have learned that I have a rather steep learning curve when it comes to true lace patterns. I always have to try them several times before we make friends and I can move along. And this one has a p2togtbl (purl two together through the back loop). Thank goodness for online knitting guides. It took a while of playing with it before I figured out that one. It's a strange stitch and not easily performed. I really like the pattern chose and I love the yarn and I now have the right size needles. I have cast on several times and gotten as far as row 6 before I had to rip it and start again. I know that one of these times I will get it right and be able to keep on going. I think part of the problem might have been the pain medicine. Codeine is not conducive to clear thought and perhaps I'll have better luck today.
I noticed that the leaves are turning rapidly here and I need to remember to take my camera with me when I go out. I love the colors of fall as much as I love the first little buds of spring. All it will take is one good rain storm and they'll all be gone.
This weekend we are getting out the winter clothes. Because of a lack of closet space, our off season clothing is stored in the attic in totes. It's always a chore to take all of them out, sort and wash them and then sort through the current season clothes and put them away. I am trying to be ruthless in the sorting. If I didn't wear it this summer, it goes to Goodwill. There is no reason to hang onto clothes that I don't wear. I hate putting away the summer clothes. It means that summer is really, really over. Like the cold temps at night haven't been hint enough.
The tooth is better today although there will be no chewing on that side for a while. There is no throbbing and the swelling seems to have gone down. I think it helped that I was asleep all night and not talking.
Have a good Saturday!


Galad said…
I have not braved lace yet, though I have some beautiful lapiz blue yarn set aside for someday. Maybe after Christmas.

That is such a big job changing out clothing. If I'm not careful I live out of the totes for a month before I get sick of it and finally sort everything.

It amazes people that we were sweaters and wool in Arizona too but when your summer temps are 120 degrees, 50-60 degrees feels darned cold.
Bells said…
P22togtbl? Ugh. Horrid. I'd do it if I had to - does it appear very often?

So excited to see your firs LLS project!

Do you really switch all the clothes around between seasons? Wow. I think maybe I don't have enough clothes to warrant it!
Sheepish Annie said…
I am so glad that the tooth is getting a little better. I still shudder a bit when I think of it...

Have you read the "Odd Thomas" books? Love those!!!!
BigCat said…
The lace looks amazing.

I've been trying to get in to talking books recently. The one I have hasn't caught my interest though.

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