For Blogtoberfest, I have been posting early in the morning at work so that I don't forget. I have a tendency to throw myself into my life and forget things like, well, blogging. Doing it first thing in the morning took care of that. If I wanted to include some photos, I prepared part of the post at home with the photos and then finished it up in the morning.

This is a long explanation for a short complaint. Blogger ate my saved post. I have heard other people complain about this phenomenon but I had never had the problem. Today, it's my turn. Last night, I prepared a post with a finished pair of socks and some photos of the lace I am currently working on. I know I saved it. I saved it twice (no, I'm not obsessive, why?) but it is not there this morning. Sigh.

I finished the Reims Stockings. Imagine if you will (you'll have to, the photo is lost in the internet somewhere) a lovely combination of blues and greens in a soft, lustrous bamboo/wool combination done in a strikingly lovely pattern of gentle arches and delicate holes. Actually, the socks are pretty. I like the pattern enormously and it worked well with the yarn. I'll post photos when I get home tonight. Unless they have disappeared completely from the computer.

I also had some photos of my Meandering Vines lace. It's hard to photograph lace while you're working on it. The colors are pretty but lace doesn't come into it's own until it's blocked.

I have started a pair of socks for Pk. His favorites are a brand called Thorlo. They fit tightly around the foot and are padded on the sole. He asks for them every holiday and when I can find them, I buy them. (this year I'll just order some online instead of trekking all over the place ) The girls have refused to buy socks for him for Christmas or his birthday because "socks are boring" but that's what he always asks for. I wanted to make him a pair he would like as much as his thorlos and thought if I ribbed them on the foot part (not the toe or heel) and maybe used a second strand of yarn on the sole for padding, it might work. I'm making them toe up and winging it without a pattern. I've only ever done one other pair of toe up socks and I'm not in love with the style but it is more efficient when you have one skein for each sock.
Pk is performing the ritual "laying on of hands to make the heater work" tonight. We have an old, old, old heater. We're hoping to get another year out of it. It needs a part and then we can turn it on and the house will have that "first time you turn on the heater after the summer" smell. You know the one? The dusty comforting smell that means there will be heat. I am fortunate I married a man who always asks "how does that work? can I take it apart?" He is usually able to fix things that break or need maintenance. It saves us money. He has kept the heater running with car parts since they don't make this heater anymore. Problem solver, that's what he is.
Well, it's cold here and rainy and rather dark. I'm ready to start the work day. No clinic today so the day should be fairly smooth. Thank goodness.
Oh and Happy Birthday to Bill Gates! Who knows what operating system we would be using without him?


Roxie said…
Yay for PK! And thank you for affirming my pleasure in that slightly unpleasant burning dust smell that says "Warmth and comfort is on the way."
Taphophile said…
Blast that hungry blogger that eats up posts! Hope the "laying of hands worked" :)
Dianne said…
Stupid, stupid blogger! Good luck with the heater. I haven't attempted to turn on the heat yet. I'm dreading the heating bills this winter. PK sounds a lot like my dad, and that is the highest praise I can give any man! I can see why you love him!
Sheepish Annie said…
I shall think good thoughts for your heater. I'm still hanging in there and not turning mine on. I have cats. And socks. And a space heater...

Bad Blogger! No eating posts. Bad! You are worse than the Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty!!!!!
Bezzie said…
ARe you getting snow there? I heard many Jersey counties were getting lots of snow (not us til allegedly tonite and even then it will be sparse).

No heater for us this year! We went almost all of last winter without it--time to keep the streak alive!
Galad said…
How fortunate to have PK's talents to keep the heater alive.

Sorry about the blogger post. That's got to be really frustrating.

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