This morning we (Pk and I) and went to the Garden State Sheep Breeder's Show. It was great! It was small, only three pavillions but I saw something I have not even heard of before. Jacob sheep. They were hard to get a photo of and were making a lot of noise. I don't think they are docile and sweet like sheep are supposed to be. They look like devil sheep.

Can you see the horns? There are 4 of them. And these sheep have mean and scary eyes. I can't imagine trying to shear them. They have beautiful brown and white mottled coats and the yarn is coarse, kinda feels like romney. They were behind a fence and I couldn't get close enough without being in the danger zone!

They were judging them today and they were some impressive sheep. We also saw some "baby doll" sheep. Little guys that Pk said reminded him of Ewoks. They are so cute but wouldn't stand still for a photo. They were trying to see what was in the pen next to them and bleating to beat the band. He got information on how to raise them and I think he likes the idea of not having to mow the back lawn all summer.

There was a man who does wood working and Pk got to talk shop with someone. I also found some women spinning on Louet wheels and stopped to admire how easy they made it look. One offered to let me sit and spin at her wheel. At first I refused, I didn't want to mess up her lovely yarn but she insisted telling me I really couldn't hurt it. So, I sat down, took off my shoe and spun. And it was so easy. The wheel felt like it was spinning all by itself. Pk did a rather close inspection and decided he could make it fairly easily, more easily than the Ashford. So, he is off making plans.

It inspired me to buy some of this beautiful blue merino hand dyed roving. It's such a pretty blend of colors and very soft. And, boy is this woman a good salesperson. I mentioned that buying wool is such a tactile thing and I much prefer to buy it in person so I can touch it. She said she agreed and then told me to "get my fingers ready" and opened a bag to reveal this. It is possibly the softest thing I have ever felt. It's baby camel and silk. Now, if she had told me what it was, I probably wouldn't have purchased it because I have never spun silk and am slightly intimidated by it's slippery feel. But she let me touch it. And I was gone. It is so wonderful. Pk told me I should buy it and make something for myself. I'm thinking maybe of a scarf. I have 8 oz. of it so if I spin it well enough, I will have enough for a wonderful gift for myself.
It was a pleasant morning but now I have to clean the bedroom and bathroom and start the laundry. Potato soup and some Farl (a fried bread that we then put butter on top of-no cholesterol here!). The weather is definitely fall like and lovely. Just about perfect.
See you all tomorrow.


Bezzie said…
A man that can make a spinning wheel is worth his weight in merino (and that's alotta yarn!) Hee hee!
Bells said…
oh they are freaky looking!! How odd looking!

Baby camel and silk? Sounds divine. Look forward to seeing what you make of the roving. That'll be a real pleasure to work with.
Kelli Simone said…
That roving looks delish. I took a spinning class and ever bought a Bosworth spindle at MDS&W. I can't seem to get it into my schedule. That doesn't stop me from wanting a wheel.
Georgie said…
That roving looks fabulous - I love the blues in the first, and cant even begin to imagine camel and silk! Your PK is a real keeper, I tell you, volunteering to make you a wheel!
Alwen said…
They are ring-straked and speckled, though, aren't they? (The Jacob sheep, I mean.)

I'm another blue-lover. That roving is gorgeous.

I was just saying in the LYS that I've never bought yarn online because A, you can't touch it, and B, you never know how true the color on your monitor is. I always want to smoosh it before I buy.

We're a tactile tribe, we fiber people!
Dianne said…
Sounds like a wonderful day - I'm thinking about going to the show today after reading your post. (PK is a keeper!)
Amy Lane said…
Ooooo.... just looking at the baby camel/silk has me all shuddery inside! And you're right--I like sheep and goats, and that sheep is scary looking. (btw? Goats are supposed to trim the yard a little more evenly *g*)
Jeanne said…
Love the fiber - the camel looks amazing! And how amazing that your husband is going to make you a wheel!
Rose Red said…
Oh that camel/silk looks divine - I think a lovely knit for yourself is a great idea.

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