Today is another perfectly lovely fall day. The trees are just tinged with gold and red and the sun is playing peekaboo with us behind the clouds. PK and Elanor and I went to the flea market this morning so he could look for more old tools. He is as bad as any knitter when it comes to the tools for his hobby.

He found some large cast iron clamps and some other bits (something called a "pig sticker" chisel) and El bought some soft material with butterflies that we are going to make into some pj's. I found a 15" cast iron frying pan for 10 dollars and a footed cake stand in depression glass (pink) and a Nancy Bush sock book. It's Folk Socks and while the patterns themselves aren't anything new and different, the history in the book is interesting. I also got a pattern book for argyle socks for men and knee socks that Kate has developed a fondness for. Pk mentioned that he would like some argyle socks. (Why didn't he ask for something difficult?) It was a good day all around.

I finished the red felt bag last night but have been having a hard time photographing it. I hope the recipient likes it. It came out pretty well and I found the perfect closure at the sheep show. It's a load off my mind to have it finished.

Here's a shot of the finished Saucy socks. The pattern is a really subtle cable. I love it and want to make a pair for me but I'll have to go up a few needle sizes or figure out how to add some stitches in between the pattern. The yarn is from A Piece of Vermont and is one of the skeins labelled "imperfect". I don't know where the imperfections are because it's beautiful. The photo is dead on color wise. You can see the shades of green and how it shifts without any pooling. I love it. My aunt Elsie has very thin feet and ankles and I think she will really like them. My aunt Joan loves the handknit socks I gave her. Neither has ever had any handknits because my grandmother did not knit. She worked until the day she had a stroke and was stuck in a wheelchair.
This is the beginning of the Reims stockings . The pattern was made available from the Art Walk club. The yarn is from A Piece of Vermont and is a bamboo/wool blend. You can see the sheen in the yarn. The pattern is interesting and I like the scalloped edge. I changed the nubbs a little because I didn't like the large ones that the pattern called for. These give the points enough definition without being too much.
I found out that my beloved Netlibrary is no longer available to me. My library has switched audiobook providers and I have to learn a new system or do without my recorded books. I think it is safe to say that at this time, I am a recorded book addict. ("Hello, my name is Donna Lee and I am addicted to audiobooks"). I renewed my library card today and am off to see if I can work the website. I was going to roast a chicken for dinner but the chicken is still frozen. Too frozen to try to defrost in a short time. So, it's pizza for dinner (twist my arm really hard and make me not have to cook).
Have a lovely Sunday afternoon everyone!


Alwen said…
It's been a year or so now, and I think I'm finally used to my library's new online catalog system.

I do not love it when I have to learn a new system. I've learned to just tell people flat out, "I hate change." I get used to things, but the truth is, I don't like them to change!
Bells said…
It's not free, but audible is an amazing source for audiobooks. I've become quite addicted to it and the way the books transfer onto your media player is just so good. They are very user friendly and not overly expensive (I say that as an Aussie paying US$!)

You got some great scores today. That frying pan - great price!
Bezzie said…
Were there knots in the yarn? It looks far from "imperfect" to me too!
Amy Lane said…
Ooooo pretty socks! I love it when a family shopping trip goes right--you, PK and El sound like you have such good weekends!
jessie said…
Your Saucy socks are lovely. (As you can tell, I'm a bit behind on my blog reading.) It's always a thrill to see my yarns worked up!

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