The voting issue is an interesting one. I don't think I'd mind having compulsory voting (we have compulsory car insurance and registration and compulsory military registration) if I had the option of voting for "none of the above". This campaign has me in a quandry. I had hoped by now to have a clear favorite but it is indeed the lesser of two evils for me. I know there are fervent Obama supporters out there and I wish I felt the fire but I don't. He's vaguely frightening to me but not as frightening as John McCain. I may, as Amy put it, "spit in the wind" and use a write in vote. At least then I can live with my conscience.

We were on a later train this morning and it was more crowded. It gave me a chance to "people watch". I noticed that most people had looks of intense concentration on their faces (maybe they were solving quadratic equations in their heads) or maybe they were frowning or just not looking forward to their day. No one had a smile. No one looked the least bit happy and it was a beautiful fall morning. It made me distinctly conscious of my own expression. I try to make an effort to keep a pleasant expression on my face. (This may be why people talk to me while I am waiting in lines.) Now, I am not ecstatic about going to work. I would much rather spend my day at home playing with my toys or just sleeping in but it's not all that bad. Not bad enough to walk around with a cloud on my face all day. Goal for today: Be aware of my expression as I go through the day.

Here is a detail shot of the red felt bag. This is a wooden closure that I found at the sheep show and it fits the style perfectly. The straps have the polka dot lining on one side and red felt on the other. I'll see the young woman next week so I'll give it to her then. I have hung the painting up in a discrete place in my office. It's an abstract of a sitting nude. There is the suggestion of a breast but it is so abstract that it's really just a suggestion. Still, there are those who would be offended so it is not in full view of everyone who comes into the office.
Day 8 of blogtoberfest and it's not as difficult as I thought. Although maybe I shouldn't say that aloud. I am finding that I can blather on about just about anything.......


Bezzie said…
Compulsory military registration for MALES though. But that's a whole 'nother kettle of potato soup right?! Hee hee!

I might use a write in vote too. And I get really bothered by people telling me that that is "throwing my vote away." I don't tell them that who they're voting for is a waste, why should they say the same to me?

Now I want to see your painting! It's got to be better than the poster of two pandas humping that a local shop in my neighborhood has decided to post for everyone to see. Although I still possess that 12 year old humor it makes me giggle, I can see where some people may object.
Rose Red said…
I often look at the expression on people's faces on the bus - which I guess is their natural or relaxed facial expression, and quite often they look sad or tired - it makes me conscious of my own "natural" face, and I try to make sure I have a pleasant expression on my face too. The short story is - I know exactly what you mean!
Bells said…
I know just what you mean, too. It's one of the things I find depressing about public transport - the exposure to that many dull expressions. I find it really hard going some days and try not to look at all!

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