Good morning and Happy Friday! The week always seems so long on Monday morning but often it feels like I blink and it's Friday.

Because I am taking part in the Long Lacey Summer that Bells is hostessing, I needed to find some piece of lace that I could work on and develop a relationship with. As I said yesterday, I have separated from the Triad pattern. I put it in a binder for a possible reconciliation at a future date. We are just not on the same wavelength at this time. I went looking for something that I could work on as a diversion from the holiday knitting that I am endeavoring to finish. I found the Meandering Vines Shawl on ravelry. I wanted to use the Shimmer yarn that I got from knitpicks. It's over 1300 yards of baby alpaca/silk so I should have plenty to make a generous shawl. In the pattern, the yarn is held double throughout but I am trying it with one strand. So far, I have only finished one half of one repeat but I like it. It's easy enough to memorize but not so easy as to be boring. At least, not yet. The good thing about it is that I can just keep going until I get really bored with it and then bind it off.

Hopefully, this relationship will be more fulfilling than the last. I am continuing to work on socks but as they are gifts, the photos will have to wait. The weather is supposed to be yucky this weekend with cool temps and rain predicted so maybe after the chores are done and the shopping is completed, I'll be able to find some knitting time and not be tempted out doors.

We're going to Em's house on Sunday for a birthday dinner for Jim. She's making lasagna and all I have to do is bring some "good bread". I suppose it might be nice if I made some so maybe I'll fit that in on Saturday.

The fire is still raging in the Pinelands. It's up over 2,000 acres and less than half contained. We are keeping as close an eye as we can. The Pinelands (formerly known as the Pine Barrens) is a unique ecosphere and although I know fire will not completely wipe it out and can in fact be beneficial, it's still hard to watch. This morning as I left the house, I could smell smoke. I thought it was one of my neighbors but it was still there when I got to the train station. We're over 20 miles away. I guess the wind must have been blowing this way last night.

Are you ready for the weekend? Any plans?


SwissKnits! said…
We are getting together with our "twin family" Italian moms, Hungarian dads, and three kids each, boy, girl, girl... all in the same order.
We are having, surprise, Lasagnafor dinner, then we will play board games and cards and eat fun food while we talk and play... a perfect weekend!

Have a great weekend! Enjoy!
Sheepish Annie said…
Getting a dress altered for the upcoming wedding. That's it for me plan-wise!

Here's hoping that the fires settle down soon. That has to be scary!
Jeanne said…
Love the shawl pattern! Have a great weekend!
Galad said…
There's a lot going on in town this weekend I planned to go to. Unfortunately I'm still coughing so probably need to keep my germs at home. On the bright side - I might get some knitting done.
Bells said…
I've probably terminated the relationship with the fuzzy shawl I started last week, too, so I'm with you, hoping the next one will be a more fulfilling exercise!

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