I'm late today. I've managed to post every day for Blogtoberfest and usually early in the day so I don't forget. Today, however, I am just getting around to it at 7 PM.

It wasn't a particularly busy day. I just have felt like a slug all day. It took me forever to wake up this morning. I think the grey, rainy day outside the window kept whispering, "stay in bed, you know you want to" and I fell for it. I actually stayed in bed until 9 and then showered and ate and went to the salon to get my hair cut and colored. They were crowded so I decided to come back later and went home. Pk and I were going to go grocery shopping but we decided to go to the mall. I would get my hair done and he would read a book in the food court and wait and then we would go shopping.

Sounds like a plan. Except that it took 2 and 1/2 hours at the salon. They didn't have my original color and the stylist was so apologetic and we had to sit and discuss the merits of alternatives. Now, I am not that picky. As long as the color looks good, if the shade is a bit different, I'm ok. It took her a long time to put on the color and then half an hour for it to set and then she cut my hair one hair at a time. Ok, maybe not. But it felt like it. It's a good haircut and the color looks great but Pk was very tired of the food court by the time I got done!

By this time, it was 3 o'clock in the afternoon. We headed for the grocery store. It took an hour and a half and then we got sandwiches for dinner and picked up some prescriptions and then finally headed home.

At this time, the food is put away, the dishes are done and I finally have time to put up my feet and post. I still feel like a slug. It just seemed like it took a long time for everything today. Tomorrow, we are going to Emily's house for dinner. I bought two loaves of focaccia (onion/rosemary bread) to take with us. I won't have to worry about making any and I can focus on cleaning the house and doing the laundry.
And Bells asked for photos for the Long Lacey Summer. Here's the snowflake sock on a much smaller needle. The pattern calls for 2.75 and I used 2.0 and I'm much happier with the fabric. It's still lacey and the pattern shows up better. And I think socks have to be tighter than regular lace. I like the pattern and I like this yarn. The little bits of blue show up here and there and it adds to the visual interest without competing with the lace. I have just finished turning the heel and will start the foot soon.
Tomorrow the weather should dry up and the sun is supposed to be out. Hopefully, I'll wake up and feel raring to go.
And tomorrow, my favorite knit.


Sheepish Annie said…
Sometimes a "slug" day is just how it's going to be. But you have new hair and a cool looking sock. Plus foccacia...that is a very good thing, too!
Amy Lane said…
Ugh! I hate those days when you feel like you're trapped in some sort of bizarre space-time continuum... you just can't get out of whatever you got into! But the sock looks wonderful--and PK is a doll:-)
Alwen said…
Those time-warp days are funny. Isn't it weird how sometimes when the days take forever, the week seems to have gone by in a flash?

Those are some gorgeous-looking socks!
Roxie said…
With the antibiotics, I had NO energy, and the days moved like turtles through thick mud. Hope your tooth and jaw are all better now.

The lace sock is sooo pretty! Good job!

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