One of the tough things for me for blogtoberfest is not coming up with things to say (even though sometimes I know they are inane). It's having to turn on the computer on the weekends. I often don't use the machine on Saturday or Sunday. I prefer to spend my time with my mp3 player and my spinning wheel or knitting or (gasp!) my family. This has led me to do quick posts in the morning and then I can turn off the technology and go about my day.

Today is going to be a pajama day. I may actually put on sweatpants but it will be a pj day in spirit. I feel the need to relax and indulge since yesterday I cleaned, did laundry and did the grocery shopping. The weather is glorious and I may take the wheel outside and sit in the sunshine and spin. If the mosquitos (which have been horrendous this year) don't eat me alive.

So, I'll leave you with an interesting link: postsecret. I always assume that everyone knows more about what's on the internet than I do. This is probably because my family delights in reminding me I am a technology dinosaur. Postsecret is a site that Emily led me to about a year ago. It started with a man, Frank, who passed out blank post cards and asked people to write a secret down. It had to be something that no one else knows and it had to be true. The response was overwhelming. He has received millions of cards in the few years he has been doing this. There are several books of postcard secrets and a website where he posts some each Sunday. If you go there, I am warning you. Some of the secrets are heartbreaking. Some are mean and bitchy and some are heartwarming. But they're always interesting and so very human. If you already knew about it, I'm not surprised, you all are a pretty savvy lot, enjoy. If you didn't, go try it out. See how many secrets you share with others.

Have a happy Sunday.

Oh, and the bicycle for exercise is not going to work if I ride it to the store for ice cream and whipped cream! But the resulting banana splits were delicious.


Bezzie said…
My sister turned me on to Postsecret about a year ago too...Sunday treats!
Galad said…
Enjoy your pj day!
Bells said…
Oh i love the idea of postsecret. I'm going there right after this. Thanks!

Cycling for banana splits. Hilarious!

I want today to be a PJ day instead of Monday. Sigh.
Sheepish Annie said…
I'm behind on the blogs so I'm covering a lot in one comment! First, Happy Anniversary! And good for you two for seeing it through. The rewards for that are tenfold and people are always so much stronger for having learned lessons together.

I love your new bike and am now regretting having given mine away. I never rode it, though. It was probably for the best. But you just look like you are having so much fun!

A PJ day is something that we all should do for ourselves. I have found that wearing sweats is similar enough that I am just as happy while still being able to go to the store. :)
Olivia said…
Heh - still better to ride for your banana split than drive for it! You bike looks fantastic and makes me even more keen to get one for myself.

I love postsecret, some of those cards really get to me. And I love the way he sometimes posts people's responses too.
Lynne said…
Did you know you can write the posts for the weekend on Friday then set the post options to publish them for you on Saturday and Sunday?

I don't think that's cheating too much, is it?
Rose Red said…
I do love a pyjama day - hope it was a good one!
BigCat said…
Thanks for the link. I've never come across it before.
Michele said…
Opal sock yarn is the best! not the softest okay but pretty and hardworking for sure.

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