Haikai fun and games
Terry, at http://soupgirls.typepad.com/knittingtheblues/2008/07/not-haiku-haika.html started a Haikai - sort of a poetry game. And Lucia http://rhymeswithfuchsia.blogspot.com/ passed it on to Roxie and I took it from there.

Steam heated
Lightning splits dark skies
Dramatic summer storms.

Winds howl through the leaves
Bird clutching branches tight.

Clouds dance in circles
Clean laundry snaps on the line
Warm rain falls in sheets

Blue skies brighten the day
Time to head to the beach
Sparkling blue-green wave

Zips me shoreward at top speed
The world's best thrill ride

Except for that night
with Bacchus in the woods

The leaves that tickled
Green and cool against our skin
Oh to be there now.



Amy Lane said…
Short furry goat man
muscle-thewed reveling god?
We worship wanton

Bacchus, writhing sex
On leavy forrest floor.

(Sorry--I've been writing sex scenes...a little bit of overkill.)

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