Good morning! Happy Saturday to you. It's raining here so I think I'll put the grocery shopping off until tomorrow. I hate to lug bags into the car and then into the house in the rain. Today I am going to clean and do the laundry and then shower and get gussied up for the wedding of a friend of Peter kevin. It's a Buddhist ceremony and he said it's ok if I take photos so I'll try. I don't want to be obtrusive so we'll see.

On Thursday it was package heaven here. I got the most beautiful yarn from Roxie for commenting on her blog (something I do with joy anyway). The photo is darker than I'd like but with limited sunshine we do what we can. It's bamboo yarn died in deep purples and blues and there are some other colors snuck in there. It will be a gorgeous lacey something. Thank you Roxie!

Package number two contained a book I ordered from amazon called This I Believe. It's based on a series of essays written by some famous people and some not-so-famous people. Some are from the 50's when the series originated and some are from the present time. I have heard some of them on the radio on my local npr station and have always been entranced as I listened to people talk about things that are important to them. Things like courage, honesty, neighborliness and common decency. It's a great book. Short essays so I can pick it up and read one or two and then think about them or share them and talk about them.

And package number three contained this. Yay! My own copy of Cat Bordhi's sock book. There aren't enough exclamation points here for the excitement I felt. She is amazing. The designs are so clever. Kate and I are going to start some of them. We know some babies who could use socks and all of these techniques use baby socks to teach the new design and then you can apply it to adult socks. Currently, I am working on the self striping socks for my aunt, (my train knitting) and these. This pattern came from my 'pattern a day calendar' that my sister in law gave me. It looks an awful lot like the embossed leaves pattern (this one is called 'leaves of whimsy') from IK's 25 favorite socks book. I've made both and they are slightly different. This one has K3tog's which the other one didn't (that I remember). The yarn is yellow and blue. It's the Artwalk selection for July. I took the photo at night under a fluorescent bulb without a flash. The pattern shows up but the colors not so much. I'll do better when the sun comes out tomorrow. The yarn base for this is Louet Gems and I love working with it because the stitches look so clear and it is soft. But it is slippery and if it slips off the needles, the stitches uravel quickly. And then sometimes you have to rip out several rows to fix it.
Well, times a wastin and I have work to do so I'll say goodbye for now. Pk is off 'rust hunting' and I need to wash up a little before I get to cleaning and laundry. Have a peaceful Saturday.


amy said…
Happy Saturday to you, too! What a lovely bunch of packages. I tend to end up at the market in the rain, too, but then I figure at least I'm not wasting a beautiful sunny day doing the marketing. I never have any help with all the bags, though, so it is a drag.

Happy Knitting! And enjoy the wedding!
Bezzie said…
That yarn is the color of the sky here--and it's POURING! (And we're about to actually go grocery shopping--ha ha!).

I've seen a few pics of Buddist weddings, I think you'll be able to snap a few. Have fun!
Sheepish Annie said…
I have Cat's sock book, too. It scares me...a lot. But, someday, I hope to master her thinking on these things. I'm certain you will be long past it and on to bigger and better things by then, though! :)
Georgie said…
Oooh, what lovely lush yarn, lucky you! I had to go grocery shopping in the rain yesterday, and the undercover carpark was full. Grrrr. Makes me cranky - bet theyre not carting round a baby and a toddler and can run through the wet bits if needed!

Enjoy the wedding - should be interesting!
Amy Lane said…
ooooo... that yarn from Roxie is just begging for some beads and some fiber-harlotry--I loves it! And you always make the loveliest, most intricate socks. I look forward to seeing your projects every time!

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