I have this lovely daughter who is now a Married Woman.    Dr. K reminded me I have not "blogged the wedding" as of yet and so here it is (along with some other random fall things) 

Kate and Patrick got married on October 11 at 11-ish in the morning.  They planned to have their ceremony in the woods but the weather made that a bit difficult (rain, rain and more rain) so the ceremony took place at the hall where the reception was to be held.

It all started on Friday night when Kate and Patrick and friends and family showed up to decorate the hall.  It was a nice space and a perfect size for the number of people.  Not too big so that it felt imposing but not too small so that you felt crowded.  We swathed the walls and doorways with tulle and flowers and put some centerpieces made of natural elements (wood and candles in glass jars) and then left for the night.

Kate is radiant

There was cake!

On Saturday morning I was expecting 7 or 8 young women at my house to get dressed and gussied up.  I was a bit concerned-one bathroom/one mirror and all those young women.  Somehow it all worked out and the day was beautiful.  I'll let the photos tell the story.

And dancing! (Kate loved her dress)

And family. 

 There was an amazing well written and performed Toast by Emily.  She based it on D&D (which Kate and Patrick play each week). 

It was a wonderful day and a Good Time Was Had By All.

Kate practices being a sheet rock lifter

The next day, Pk and I went out for brunch to celebrate our anniversary.  We had a great time eating good food and then walking around a flea market where I found a replacement bowl for the one that got broken last week (a Depression Glass bowl that belonged to my grandmother) for 5 dollars!

We bought a pumpkin
Peter Kevin has been hanging sheetrock while he waits for someone in the business world to recognize  that he is brillliant and they should be giving him a job..

And the parade of babies continues to move forward at work.  Here are two more cardigans for infants.  The top one is a cotton/acrylic blend and the bottom is Kroy sock with accent stripes.  It was a good way to use up some leftover sock yarn.

I started one more in neon green, neon purple and white stripes.  I love it but Peter Kevin says it's "interesting".

A bit of insomnia last night is making me fight to keep my eyes open today so I'll sign off.  Have a great Monday!


Roxie said…
Thank you, thank you! What a lovely bride she was.

Wishing you safe days this fall and winter. Won't it be nice to get the house finished?

What are you knitting now?

And do you remember how many people cherish you?
Galad said…
Beautiful dress, beautiful bride and a beautiful wedding! Thanks so much for sharing your pictures.
Saren Johnson said…
The wedding looked lovely. Congrats to them.
DrK said…
and now im a week late in commenting! she does look radiant, and im sorry to hear it rained, because she really is the epitome of a woodland pixie! im so glad they had a great time and it all worked out. if i could i would totes give PK a job. i hope you're all ok xx
amy said…
Beautiful!! She looks so happy.

Job searches can be so dispiriting and I'm sorry.

Hey, you know, when we manage to sell this house and move, we're going to be within easy-ish distance of Philly. Just saying. :-)

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