This will be a quickie. I'm sitting here surrounded by noxious fumes as I wait for L'Oreal to take away my grey and replace it with 4R Dark Auburn. Each time I color my hair I wonder how many more times I'll do it. A woman at work who is roughly my age, maybe a little older, just recently let her roots grow out and got her hair cut really short and is now naturally grey. It looks great. It gave me hope that when I decide I've had enough, I'll look good, too. I'm just afraid with my very pale coloring, I'll disappear.

I finished the Feb socks. And only 6 days into March. Not too bad. I chose my March yarn and I haven't been able to put it down. It's Crystal Palace Yarns Mini Mochi. It's a machine washable merino/nylon blend and it's soft and has a soft halo about it. All of that is good but the color changes are what keep me fascinated. Since the yardage seems a little short 180 m (195 yds) I did a plain 2x2 rib toe up. The yarn is a single and is softly spun, if that makes sense. It almost looks unspun at points and I was afraid it was not strong enough but I can't break it by pulling on it so the nylon must help. I have neglected Em's sweater in favor of working with this yarn. It's amazing how a simple thing like color change can amuse me but it does. I keep watching as each color blends and then changes into something new. I'll work on the sweater today and I want to spin some. I haven't spun all week and I miss it. I'm working on the Bruise yarn and it's coming out pretty nice.

We are in for some more weather changes again today. Two days ago, my yard was covered in ice and snow and I was bundled up against 20 degree (-6 C) temps with wind chill of 0 degrees. Today, it is supposed to be 65 (18.8C). 65!!! It is so weird. I know it is a tease and the cold weather will be back so I'm going to open the windows and enjoy it while I can. The only problem is that the rapid change in atmospheric pressure and temp changes induces migraines. Yesterday I had a whopper and today it's just a mild headache. A little Excedrin and I should be good to go.

Em finished her tests for this week. It hurt my heart to hear how painful the biopsy was. I want to throw myself in front of her and say "NO MORE. You may NOT hurt my baby!" even though I know the tests are necessary. There is one more test, a PET scan but that is not invasive and shouldn't hurt. Then the doctor appt and the decision of what to do. I want to scream "TAKE IT OUT." Even I, without a medical degree, see that it has to come out. I know all the reasons for wanting as much info as possible beforehand but for goodness sakes. Get the sucker out of my daughter's body. Then you can poke a stick at it all you want. She is hanging in there and I am so proud of the way she is handling this. That's my girl.

Daylight savings time tonight. Yuck. A week of my internal clock adjusting to the abrupt change in light. Time to do away with it, I think. Let the light return on its own.

However you are spending your weekend, I hope it contains some laughter. And here's a thought,

The truth you believe and cling to makes you unavailable to hear anything new
~Pema Chodron

So, I'm adding being open to new thoughts and ideas to my goals. I'll bet I can learn all sorts of things.


Roxie said…
The Truth is subject to change at a moment's notice.

I'm with you about Em's alien baby. Get it out! Bless you both!!

Spinning is good. Spinning soothes.
MadMad said…
I am not a fan of spring forwarding, either. Bleh. Too hard to get the kids in bed at night! Glad to hear Em's done with the tests for now. Will keep fingers crossed for good results, too!
Galad said…
I have some Mini Mochi but haven't tried it yet. If feels very soft in the skein though I've read some reviews that say it is splitty.

Spinning sounds like a good plan. I'm with Roxie that soothing is good right now.
Alwen said…
Ohhh, I love that sock yarn! My feet love when I have the merino blend socks on.

We had a 62 degree day yesterday, too. Wah-hoo, spring! So of course it rained today (also spring).

x fingers for Em.
Bells said…
oh you are doing well on the personal sock club. Good work. Those colour changes are lovely.

the sooner Em's alien baby is gone the better for all concerned. What a nasty time for everyone.
Rose Red said…
Em's a brave one, isn't she.

I'm the same with yarn like your sock yarn - stripes or colour changes, they totally suck me in and keep me knitting!!

I've got quite a lot of grey hair and have resisted dyeing it - funnily enough, I get lots of compliments about my hair colour!!
gay said…
go for it, you'll find the color of your hair naturally suits you!!! my sil just did and she looks great!!!of course i've never regretted that i let mine grow out!!! soooo easy
Sheepish Annie said…
One of my teaching assistants had a migraine last week and we both agreed that the changes in atmospheric pressure played a big role. I do know that they are killing my sinuses!!!

Love the sock! And you can say it is a Feb. sock. I'll back you up!
Jeanne said…
Gorgeous new socks - love the colors.

Glad that Em is done with the tests and I hope that she gets resolution soon and is ok...sending you and her positive thoughts...
TinkingBell said…
More positive thoughts and hugs for Em - the PET is annoying but not painful (so husby said)

Love the socks and cardi - what a beautiful blue!
Amy Lane said…
That Mini Moschi is powerful stuff--I hope it steadies your nerves and steels your heart--because I'd want to throw myself in front of my baby too!

(I'm debating getting to know Mr. L'Oreal too!)
Dianne said…
I've been seriously considering giving Miss Clairol the boot, too! I've been coloring my hair every three weeks for 20 years. Enough already!

Lets hope the can get that alien baby out pronto!
*-. aliCe .-* said…
Hey Donna, is Em your daughter? I feel bad about having no clue what's going on, I should probably go ahead and read some of your other posts. Best of luck with all that's going on with her.

I think im gonna dye my hair black. What do you think?

Also, my new job is intense but a good one. We should have lunch sometime :)

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